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  1. Razmos


    If this was a racist joke told in the same manner would you expect a similarly low-key apology?
  2. SpaceSong


    Who even has said that?
  3. Samus Aran

    Samus Aran

    Well some users will boycott the game, here is one quote:

  4. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    All we have to go by right now is what we were shown. What we were shown doesn't strike me with any confidence.

  5. Anubis


    Mods working overtime.

    This is a bloodbath and people still won't read the OP or learn.

    I was however surprised with one one account having 8k+ posts.

    On topic, that was not even a apology. I feel like they are sorry that people outed them. I don't think they still get it.
  6. NoblesseOblige

    Community Resettler Member

    Woo boy that follow-up Tweet. Yeah, CDPR doesn't know WHAT THE FUCK they're doing. Just another shitty game company for shitty gaming culture.
  7. They posted a Gamergate meme on Twittter like a month or two ago.
  8. PhazonBlonde

    User requested ban Member

    Lol i know the praise geraldo thing is a joke from that sub.
  9. Darryl M R

    Darryl M R

    That take is so spicy. Please quote the post you are responding to.
  10. Nezacant


    I recently spent the day watching a co-workers 2 children. They were ages 10 (girl) and 15 (boy). Both of them are very much into internet culture... memes, Fortnite references, etc. We were getting pizza after a trip to Microcenter (we were building a PC for the older boy) and I had an exchange with the younger girl because she was acting goofy where I said, "You crazy girl." She responded with, "Did you just assume my gender?" I honestly didn't know how to respond... I just let it go. I have no kids of my own and didn't know how to break down the politics of what she just said to a 10 year old.

    Now she 10 but on the internet these phrases have a way of becoming their own thing, spreading and being used in a context not intended by their original hurtful means. It reminds me of the whole "Do you know the way" meme that Razor didn't realize was a racist reference and made a tweet with the phrase. It doesn't surprise me that people are being honest in coming here and admitting ignorance to the impact of the phrase. I think rather than thrashing those who admit this here, we can use this as a teachable moment to spread awareness.

    Also, I feel some here who dislike the Witcher series or CDPR are using this as an opportunity to link this with the dev team. Social media accounts do not develop the games. The Tweet was stupid, the non-appology was horrible and deserves all of the response it's receiving. But remember there is a large team of people that develop and create the games and the social media accounts don't speak for all of those people.

    Also, big shout out to the mod team working overtime in this thread.
  11. Kilic95


    Definitely. So much props to them.
  12. Lunar15


    That's... not a great apology. It's kind of textbook "we don't want to admit fault, sorry for being offended" type apology.
  13. fantomena


    What? I never said someone has said it. It's my takeaway from most situations when a developer writes something idiotic and dumb on social media.
  14. mario_O


    Still no apology? wow.
  15. KelticNight


    Check the news. The Cyberpunk related news being reported is the new screenshots they released.

    It's already been forgotten by some, and a lot of people probably didn't even know it happened at all.
  16. Lothars


    I agree with you, I am pretty down on CDPR in general and this stuff just reinforces my issues with them. I can't wait for that day as well. It can't come soon enough.

    Yup at least once before if not more.
  17. Darryl M R

    Darryl M R

    Ah, so you were just strawmanning. Thanks for clarifying.
  18. Mobyduck


    Could the OP be updated to show the "apology"?
  19. srtrestre


    It's that horrid leftist agenda of... empathy and tolerance that makes their blood boil!
  20. Mazzle


    Of all the threads, of all the news during gamescom week, this "joke" and that "apology" are the most discussed thing here.

    gg CDPR you just played yourself
  21. Alo0oy

    Banned Member

    O B J E C T I V E L Y the greatest protagonist ever.
  22. fantomena


    Strawmanning? I don't get it. Im simply saying that if one developer writes something shitty in a tweet I will not stop wanting to buy the game because there are many other developers too and not buying that game will feel like Im punishing every developer of that game for something 1 dev did.
  23. Hnetuduft


    Thank you. I'm not well versed in social issues. Probably because I have never had to deal with anything like this.
  24. WGMBY


    This is where I'm at right now. Was super excited for the game, but I agree with Phantom Thief that this "joke" might indicate the CDPR team don't fully appreciate some of the ideas that are central to the CyberPunk setting.

    I'm really curious if Mike Pondsmith is going to comment, since he wrote the CyberPunk setting and is working with CDPR on the game.
  25. Ajax125


    I know this is going to piss off a lot of people.....

    But i honestly didn't know that statement was used or being used (and taken) as an offensive joke.

    You might be overestimating how long people's attention spans are on the internet.
  26. Cheebo


    Yep, it is sad how there are still young people who hate people different than them. That cant handle racial and sexual diversity in their lives and games.

    It's honestly depressing. Young people are supposed to be accepting and open.
  27. NoblesseOblige

    Community Resettler Member

    You don't need to punish them. CDPR does that already with their shitty employee standards
  28. mael


    It's so weird seeing this
    but not as a joke.
  29. Robinson


    It was a shitty tweet but I doubt it will affect sales. The sad truth is that most gamers don't care about these issues anywhere near as much as the average resetera member does.
  30. fantomena


    I know. From what I read, their working conditions are terrible.
  31. Yeah, i was honestly a bit shocked. I know Eddy spouts his stupid hot takes (about vegans for example) from time to time. But this is just wow... told him what a "Depp" he is.
  32. Kinthey


    Where did they resist?

    This was their comment
  33. Stryder


    I think it's a stretch to hate this unreleased game you have no real info about and a development team based on a Tweet sent out by one person who may have been ignorant towards how offensive that tweet truly was. I don't think any sane person would tweet that out in this day and age with malice as intent on a company account.

    I'm glad there is some sort of an apology albeit a shitty one...

    Generalizing is never a smart thing. For all we know there are trans people in the studio who are currently taking action about this or others in that office that took issue with said tweet. This is not the mistake of CDPR. This is a mistake of one employee who probably didn't mean any harm and didn't understand the joke. Let's be aware of the harm and power our language can hold and be a little more cognisant of what we say.
  34. rjinaz


    Why would that piss people off? It's fine if you didn't get it. I don't get everything all the time either, sometimes until after it's explained.
  35. RDreamer


    And that's fine as long as you're able to step outside your comfort zone and learn about others and their experiences. I was personally a transphobic and homophobic little shit when I was younger but it was conversations like this on forums back then that started opening my eyes.
  36. Jadusable


    I don't think calling for the firing of the social media guy is a reasonable response to this. That's someone's livelihood over a poorly executed attempt at a joke. I don't think what he said is enough to infer that they're transphobic or that it was meant with hate in his/her heart. Tone deaf, maybe, but not hateful.

    I think talking with him and educating him saying "hey, we have a wide ranging audience that may get offended to stuff like this, don't do that. Stay away from these kind of topics. Period." is fine enough.
  37. ObbyDent


    bro why are you reaching? No one is hating the game. We're taking a stance with what we believe in and declaring that we won't be buying the game in the future because of this response. Who are you trying to fool?
  38. Raven117

    Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    I wasn't aware of this. Was this the same "tweeter"? If so, then the individual needs to be let go, and of course the apology with a donation to a charity. With respect to Indians in the game, have we even seen enough to make that determination? Im not going to jump to conclusions about any sort of representation in games before we know the full context.

    Right, Im not ready to declare in my mind that an entire company is transphobic for some numbskull dumb tweet.
  39. reKon


    Why do these apologies ALWAYS end up the EXACT same:

    "sorry if we offendeded anyone"

    If you really do care don't come with that weak shit and express something more genuine and not cookie cutter.
  40. Shark


    I hate 'apologies' like this. Saying 'to those offended' shifts blame to the people justifiably upset and angry that a company would make a shitty and damaging 'joke'. It's basically 'we're only apologizing because some were offended'. Fuck off.
  41. Silverstoned


    multiple users in this very thread have stated as such.
    ok this is just ridiculous. be grateful for me even quoting you.
    now that I didn't know. sounds like they really do need to get their shit together.

    I didnt know they were based in Poland, I think that explains some of it.

    edit : that apology is pretty half-assed.
  42. Titik


    I'm still amazed at the number of people saying it's just a joke in the early part of the old thread. A little googling will tell you that it's a well used 'joke' meant to diminish the trans community.

    Im not even trans and in fucking offended by the joke.
  43. Alucrid


    whew you got a lot of rope to give there
  44. BronsonLee

    Don't worry I'm on the case Moderator

    Updated OP with CD Projekt's tweet/response
  45. fantomena


    Noone is hating the game. They take a stance against buying the game like every consumer is allowed to do.
  46. Rigby


    • User Banned (1 Month): Trolling + Peddling disinformation; history of dismissive behaviour in sensitive threads.
    They’re banning folks just for saying that they’ll buy the game regardless, so yes.
  47. Titik


    Yup. It's fucking disingenuous.
  48. John Rabbit

    John Rabbit

    It becomes CDPR's mistake when they tweet a half-assed "apology" as a follow up. Gender fluidity and trans identity is a core tenet of the cyberpunk setting; they need to demonstrate a deeper, more inclusive understanding of the genre they're working with and a commitment to ensuring their employee base is consistent with that mentality.
  49. Kinthey


    The character is also directly taken from the source material. The tweet from the OP was shitty and the apology lackluster but I'm not about to throw the whole company under the bus
  50. Cheebo


    They are banning people being sexist. Find one example of a ban that isnt related to being a sexist ass or dismissing sexism in this thread.

    Because there isn't one.
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