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Daigo Umehara: "I got punched in the face repeatedly in the arcade"


Oct 26, 2017
Have you been to a modern FGC event ? Sure things were bad back then. But people and the community are working on improving things now. Its not perfect , but people do take action.
Look I'm not saying FGC is a pinacle of male toxicity or some shit I was replying to this comment at the start and trying to point out it was disingenuous at best :
"FGC is toxic"...

These sort of things could happen at a Basketball game or Soccer game where I grew up.

People are toxic.
Saying "FGC has toxic culture " isn't really wrong , but saying "This ONLY happens in the FG genre" is factually wrong and isn't deflecting criticism. This happens in all competitive gaming genres and sports.
I totally agree with this and I don't think I've said anything to the contrary in this thread. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear in my posts.


Oct 28, 2017
Where I was from in LA, throwing was such a cheap move, that even done on accident a "considerate' player would pull their hands up off the controls to let the opponent take a free hit/throw. Lot of gang cholo types also played, very badly and angry too.

I was lucky enough to have one sf2 machine near me that allowed me to use the Guile handcuffs. Seem to calm/cause alot of anger...

Now imagine someone pulling this out in the 90s...
I remember someone pulling this out once at Funland in downtown Toronto and lets just say it wasn't pretty.