Daily feelgood: (SATIRE) Ajit Pai slides into Mia Khalifa’s DMs and gets absolutely rekt

Discussion in 'EtcetEra' started by Ryaaan14, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Ryaaan14

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    Damn that’s gotta suck!
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    You can still gram your nudes.
  3. Conciliator

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    legit? this is almost too on the nose to be real
  4. Intraxidance

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    He's got good taste
  5. stn

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    He's got zero game, lol.
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    What did he think was going to happen?
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    Huzlers is a "satire" page.
  8. T-Rex.

    T-Rex. Member

    the first comment lool
  9. SteveWinwood

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    there's no way that's real
  10. NinjaScooter

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    Seems fake
  11. Digital

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    100% real.
  12. Volimar

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    I don't know what huzlers is but I can't seem to find this news anywhere else.
  13. shira

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  14. bionic77

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    Even evil people get horny.
  15. AuthenticM

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    Make no mistake, I would love this to be true lol
  16. Ryaaan14

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  17. HardRojo

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    I won't laugh at this until it's confirmed 100% real. Seems too good to be true.
    Edit: Well, my hunch was right :/
  18. NinjaScooter

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    They are also running a story about how Bruce Jenner changed his name to Brucelda, so...seems legit.
  19. Mammoth Jones

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    Fake News. Like, this is incorrect and people should not link satire sites as real news.
  20. JustinBB7

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    They also have a story about that bullied kid that turned out had a bad mom got "fucked up" at school because he showed up with a hoverboard from the gofundme money. Seems like a legit site!
  21. GameShrink

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    There's no way.... right? It's way too perfect to be true.

    That said, it might cause Pai some personal agitation, so I guess it's still a net positive.
  22. whytemyke

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    fake. but funny.
  23. Cheebo

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    fake news buddy.
  24. D65

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    If real

  25. JustinBB7

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  26. PMS341

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    Considering his home address is all over Twitter at this point, I'd like to think Pai should know the consequences of literally anything you post on the Internet. But alas.
  27. Kyzer

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    Why would you ask out a girl you don't know over DM, much less someone like Mia Khalifa who is probably accosted by randos all day?
  28. Psychoward

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  29. Cypher

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  30. Servbot24

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    He'll benefit from this, now he gets to point to it as an example of "don't believe what fake media says about me".
  31. pizzaparty

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  32. psynergyadept

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    “It go down in da DMs!!!”

    Edit:fake news! Sad!
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    OP is definitely not a journalist.
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    I'm gonna guess it's the new euphemism for unfunny satire.
  35. Lucreto

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    He is married with kids. He is not that stupid to risk his marriage and possibly his career like that.
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    I doubt it was really him but would love to be proven wrong.

    edit: oh okay then w/e
  37. Heynongman!

    Heynongman! Member

    The most infamous? Uhhh have they not heard of The Onion? Hell I even think Kayfabe News is more infamous than this site that I've never heard of.
  38. platakul

    platakul Banned Member

    While it is fake never doubt what a man is willing to do when he is horny on line
  39. lazygecko

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    Kinda glad it's not real since I would expect a more tasteful rebuttal than bodyshaming.
  40. vypek

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    The news on the sidebar made me suspicious already but yeah, definitely fake. Funny though
  41. sleepInsom

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    LMAO yeah that’s never happened before
  42. John Caboose

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    Huzlers.com is the most infamous fauxtire & satire entertainment website in the world. If it's trending on social media you'll find it here!

    Good joke though!
  43. aliengmr

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    It would be funny if it was real. Since it isn't, it's just an April fools joke that isn't funny and just disappointing.
  44. RoninChaos

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    Wtf is sliding into DMs?
  45. pizzaparty

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    Using direct messages on social media platforms to inquire whether a person is romantically or sexually interested.
  46. TAJ

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    Satire and fake news are entirely different things.
  47. NinjaScooter

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  48. Krejlooc

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    I don't know what "slides into" means in this context.
  49. Tesseract

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    jesus christ i am old.

    i need to inject more steroids into my buttocks immediately.
  50. Servbot24

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    I guess it's cause you're trying to smoothly transition from public to private messages

    Though it's never really that smooth :P