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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by danowat, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. danowat

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    More than 15.000km² open world
    - You can exit the car and explore the world
    - You have to fix damage to vehicle by controlling the character
    - Official Dakar teams from categories (cars, trucks, bikes, quads and UTV)
    - Realistic simulation physics
    - Navigation system similar like in real Dakar
    - Day/Night & weather system

    Announce trailer


    Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
  2. xrnzaaas

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    Nice trailer, but some actual gameplay would be nice. I'll definitely play if it's good, but first I still need to buy that Baja game that got released on the PS4 not long ago. :)
  3. danowat

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    Yeah, hopefully they'll release some gameply footage soon, will update when they do.
  4. MouldyK

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    This is what I wanted since I heard about Dakar and the Dakar Game on Xbox in 2003!

    I will cross my fingers this is decent at least.
  5. Boownage

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    This could be really good, Dakar races are a lot of fun to watch, lot of potential.
  6. IbizaPocholo

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  7. Napalmjam

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    I've wanted a massive off road game since fuel! hopefully the developer improved as the previous games were underwhelming.
  8. Inside

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    Finally a Dakar game that sounds like it is catching the real atmosphere of Dakar (open world, car damage, thrilling navigation). Remember I brought Dakar for PS2 but it was a huge letdown with only a few short stages of racing and that was is. Have not touched the series since then.
  9. Ingueferroque

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    Dakar videogames have so much potential.
  10. Kona

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    Now with 100% destructible archaeological sites
  11. RacerBest

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    This announcement came out of nowhere. Dakar is really interesting rally for a game, hoping it will be decent. I enjoyed driving in FUEL's big open world, and this is even bigger map.
    By the way, FUEL was first going to be more realistic dakar style game before they changed it to post-apocalyptic themed.
  12. Vadara

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    The fuck.

    I want this so bad. SO BAD.
  13. DD Power

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    *wiping tears*

  14. Linus815

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    dream game material right here
  15. M52B28

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    I'm buying this day one.

    I absolutely love the Dakar Rally and its rich history. The car maintenance bit is what I'm all about. I wish racing games included maintenance of vehicles in their racing campaigns.
  16. DD Power

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    I just hope that the map is not a square like Fuel, but something thinner (but still wide, of course) and longer.
  17. M52B28

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    Definitely. That would make point-to-point racing a lot more fun in the sense that it would give better direction.

    I seriously cannot wait for this. If anyone is interested, I will be making a club for this on Xbox when it releases.
  18. DD Power

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  19. Khalme

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    I guess I may be too biaised against the Dakar, the first thing I thought was : "at least in the game you can't run over natives pedestrians".
    But hey, maybe the game will be good, we'll see.
  20. RacerBest

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    Nice, what is the source of these pictures?
  21. DD Power

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  22. xrnzaaas

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    The world on those promo pics looks great, this could very well be Forza Horizon 4 in South America. Hopefully the actual gameplay material will be as good. :)
  23. BiGBoSSMk23

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    I didn't know Motorstorm was a real thing :P

    This looks fun.
  24. DD Power

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  25. DD Power

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  26. Sirhc

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    Yeah hoping this scratches that Fuel itch, if the can nail the free roam and get decent physics should be fun at least.
  27. KORNdog

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    lighting looks really good. sadly i don't have much faith in the game actually being very fun...at least based on previous games of the sport. but i'd love for it to turn out great.
  28. Vlaphor

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    A Dakar game where you can get out of the car...ehh, been done before.


    Hopefully this keeps the part of the rally where you shoot helicopters down with your car.
  29. GTAce

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    I really hope the gameplay will match the visuals. A good Rally Raid game would be fantastic.
  30. danowat

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    It looks fantastic, fingers crossed it plays as well as it looks.
  31. DD Power

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  32. DD Power

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  33. Ingueferroque

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    This is looking really impressive.. I wonder how long the races will be. The lighting looks great.
  34. danowat

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    Yeah, it looks really impressive, if it plays as well as it looks we're in for a treat.
  35. DD Power

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  36. SLB1904

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    If it's good I'm buying day one
    This is the proper weed game

    Lol at that Twitter account
    Day one
  37. IbizaPocholo

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    Those clips looks very good.