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Dangen Entertainment Allegedly Robbing Indie Devs? (Update: Medium article with more allegations, Dangen responds)


Oct 28, 2017
I get your point but "good faith" stops being worth a damn when you suck at your job and your ineptitude is hurting both your business and that of your partners.

I'd have to go back and read Dangen's rebuttal to make sure but I'm pretty sure they glossed over and/or made no attempt to address a ton of the accusations of incompetency directed at Nayan, including Judd wanting to replace him.


Oct 25, 2017
it’s fairly clear Nyan has acted in good faith and made effort to make up directly for his mistakes
So I think the question of “good faith” or not is a bit of a weird framing when the accusation is mostly negligence rather than outright malicious behavior on his part.

But either way, their response really didn’t do this thing you’re claiming? Because very little was said to actually disprove anything, and many incidents were ignored. At most, it showed they sent some occasional messages. Lots of stuff around Nayan’s actions or lack of them, Judd suddenly turning against him, Judd suddenly turning things around again after a night of drinking (which he weirdly lied about), etc. aren’t really addressed.

Personally Nayan’s individual part of this is less of the issue to me than the impact the company allowed that to have on the developers. And things like Judd’s actions are worth far more discussion. But I don’t think anything was really disproven here.