Dark Souls Remaster coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC on 05/25

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by GAMEPROFF, Jan 11, 2018.

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    If the remastered version is $40, I'll get both the Switch and PS4 versions. If it's $60, I'll probably just wait and eventually get the Switch version.
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    Dedicated servers should make it a little easier for people who thought it was too difficult since you should be able to summon help consistently this time
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    We did it guys! Let yesterday not be forgotten. Chibi Robo died for this. Praise the sun.
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    I want this but also don't want to get my ass handed to me.
  6. Official twitter account for the franchise:

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    Dark Souls on the go sounds amazing.
    I need a Switch.
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    ok this got me good.

    the port is the exact game running on different hardware, the remaster is an improved version of the exact same game (better optimization, better performance), a remake is literally building from ground up the game again.
  9. May triple dip. PC switch and PS4.
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    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :)

    Switch and PC for me
  11. Meh. Demon's Souls would have made more sense.
  12. Wamb0wneD

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    One day before my birthday. :) I'm so in.
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  14. Dark Souls on the mother fucking GO. Hopefully this "remaster" includes fixing some of the games levels/mechanics just a little. Using multiple items at once would be nice.
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    I want video / comparison dammit !!
  16. pa22word

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    I mean not really. Stable 30fps and 720p (og ran at like 1024x720) is an improvement over the original console release.

    Expecting anything major, especially portable mode, is setting yourself up for some serious disappointment.
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    Switch is killing.
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    Where is this from?
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    Fucking bought, portable Souls will be godlike.
  23. LoyalPhoenix

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    Port to me does nothing to the game itself outside of adding dlc.

    This is a remaster.
  24. Axolotl

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    That sounds like a double-dip for Switch and XB1X.
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    dark souls on my morning commute

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    On one hand, if it's a decent 30 FPS with a somewhat stable Blighttown, why not Switch?

    On the other, if it's a decent 60 FPS with an even more stable Blighttown...

    This could be tough.
  28. Just hope they include a pause button...
  29. convo

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    Especially if it's their first one they'll play. People playing online will contest with players who know everything about the game and become overpowered fast enough to grief on newbies in low-level areas.
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    It's also wrong. Ds1 was not 720p on last gen consoles lol
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    60fps glorious. PS4 for me. Let's go get that Platinum trophy again :)
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    Is this new assets and shit? If not I don't see why I'd get this on PC again.
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    Well this just became the hardest decision of my life, PS4 or Switch...
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    Yeah I'm really hoping they don't screw it up or mess around with the original formula too much. Could make or break it.
  36. LoyalPhoenix

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    4k 60....holy fucking shit. Rip switch, that shit will be saved for run #4 thru the game lol
  37. chase beck

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    Fuck, I’m gonna buy this thing twice aren’t I.
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    Oh it’s coming to Steam? Then forget the switch version then.
  40. Shao Kahn

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    60FPS!!! Going to slay everyone in Blighttown.
  41. Vesper

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    Wondering if it's 60fps only on PS4 Pro or on base PS4 too.
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    I might have to buy 2 copies but that's okay because DS is worth it.
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    Would it
  44. Morfid_Plays

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    We think they will add password matchmaking like ds3,B.B.
  45. Well, there it is.
    So, PC Version for me, maybe there'll even be an upgrade path
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    So for PC version they are basically implement DSFix on the files and done.
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    Nice, will stop watching a playthrough of the game by Barbarian (on YouTube) to not spoil the game anymore. If I had known this was coming to Switch, I'd have stayed away from watching in the first place, but still good enough news. Definately will buy this game on Switch.
  49. I think I gotta get Switch and PS4. Not sure which one to grab first
  50. brainchild

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    PC version for me, if this is real.