Darksiders III |OT| Fury's Road

DJ Lushious

Oct 27, 2017
I'm bumping this thread to bitch about the fucking tornado in the final area. How was this fucking approved. There is absolutely not enough visual feedback to know when it's safe or not with this auto tracking bullshit. Insta deaths that take 30 seconds to reload, some even requiring a trek to get back to the spot. It's astounding to me how this was not play tested out and absolutely killing what was a fairly enjoyable experience for me.

I swear to God the game told me storm hollow gives you some resistance to it but it seems it's force? Regardless it's clunky as fuck
I only got swept up by it a couple of times, one because I was running around where I wasn't supposed to, actively trying to beat it by running away.

What spot are you having trouble with exactly?

Imp the Dimp

Oct 25, 2017
How are people finishing this game in 15h? I wasn't stuck anywhere and this looks more like a 20-25h game. I beat 4 sins so far I think, not sure about the playtime since it doesn't show on Gamepass PC unfortunately.