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Datamined Upcoming Nintendo Switch Online SNES games

Oct 25, 2017
Would be half interested in Nintendo Online when Super NES games come. Though realistically I'd only play maybe 3 on that list.
Dec 28, 2017
That is almost the SNES + Super Famicom Classic to a T.

I was hoping for more than just NES & SNES though. So, not that hyped. I want GameCube and GBA.
Nov 17, 2017
Playing Super Metroid right now on my SNES classic or wait for this... Decisions...
You pay a one-time payment of $60 to $80 for a standalone, no-subscription-fees-attached, entertainment system, or you pay a monthly/yearly/quarterly subscription fee for it.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Hopefully all this, and more, come to it, but this would be a good start. It definitely makes me feel better about not getting the SNES classic
Jan 6, 2019
Huh. Surely most of those SNES games will be there when the SNES emulation launches just like how twenty or so NES games were there from the beginning. Anyway, wow. That's a pretty good lineup. Nothing from Square, though. Ah, well.
Oct 27, 2017
Looks like Nintendo has heard our pleas and is including other retro consoles. If they get a virtual console retro streaming service set up with Nintendo Switch Online, it'd be an insta-buy and I'd never download a rom or homebrew the console again.
Oct 27, 2017
Northern California
Just want to remind people that if you're going to play Breath of Fire II, either play the fan translation or the GBA port (which is identical to the SNES version, but with double EXP and money, making it significantly less of a grind).
Oct 26, 2017
Doesn't the NSO emulator reuse many stuff from the NES/SNES Classics? Cause those might just be leftover data from the SNES Classic that wasn't deleted.
Oct 25, 2017
Knew it would be coming. The emulator will likely be an updated version of what was in the SNES Classic, like the NES emulator is an updated version of what's in the NES Classic.
Oct 25, 2017
People still complaining about getting free games I see. Anyways I think that is a pretty damn solid list of games for the year.
Jan 6, 2019
People still complaining about getting free games I see. Anyways I think that is a pretty damn solid list of games for the year.
They're not free, but I get what you mean. For $20/year, I wouldn't expect much from Nintendo in terms of the "free" software included with the online service. The online services themselves, though, could use a lot of work.


Self-requested ban
Oct 27, 2017
I'm okay with that tbh - and lol @everyone expecting much more. Manage your expectations