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Dave Chappelle endorses and will perform for Andrew Yang #YangGang


Nov 4, 2017

In a statement released by the campaign, Chappelle declared that he was part of the “Yang Gang.” He’s set to perform two shows in South Carolina on Yang’s behalf later this month.


Nov 17, 2017
He could update his reparations sketch for the Freedom Dividend.

"$1000/month, beeeeeyaaatch!"


Oct 25, 2017
Dave is literally living his own Ja Rule skit.

Who gives a fuck what Dave Chappelle thinks about the Democratic primary?



Nov 8, 2017
I don’t hold any of these endorsements against anyone, but to endorse them right before they’re about to get destroyed in primaries seems odd. Like, throw your support behind them while they’re actually campaigning.
Nov 11, 2017
With a Yang presidency it would definitely be entertaining to see how quickly and how corporations would bleed the $1000/month out of people.

Mansa Mufasa

Jun 17, 2019
American here. I like him a lot. Also, era does not at all represent the general consensus of the US.
Got ya. I wish more people gave more context than just reside to throwing Shade. It seems childish (Unless Yang has some major offense I am unaware of.) Because he seems to be the only Candidate not named Warren to have a reasonable explanation for what he wants to do, How, The Why and the end result.

Mr Jones

Oct 25, 2017
Con_Smith, c'mon fam.

It's okay to like Dave Chappelle. I still find him funny. But he's said some transphobic shit.

Hell, I like Yang. But I find this... an odd endorsement.


Oct 29, 2017
Someone who has no worries paying his rent votes for candidate that would ensure rent hikes on the working class. It's like poetry, etc.
Mar 3, 2019
As a Canadian. Why are so many of you down on Yang?
Era isn’t a monolith, but Era tends to hate anyone but the most progressive candidate and will use purity tests to tell you why. Give it a couple months and Era will tell you how voting for Bernie or Warren instead of the other is literally the most vile thing a person could do, despite the fact they are ideologically almost the same


The Fallen
Oct 5, 2018
Cool. Chappelle will vote for whoever the nominee is if his Netflix stand-ups are any guide. Don't care which dem he supports at this point.