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David Jaffe (creator of God of War) has a bone to pick with ResetEra.

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Oct 25, 2017
Yes, white nationalism sucks. If he thinks the opposite then HE and only he has to deal with that problem and reflect himself. The issue is that many people on ERA makes it their problem, that is leading to more anger and hate (as seen in this thread with comments like fuck this guy) If he spreads hate, then don't spread it even more. It's a basic principie. I only know this guy because of this thread, for example.
Just because you're ignorant doesn't mean it isn't a problem.

HE isn't the only person who has to deal with it. I, as a black man in America, have to deal with it.

Ignoring something isn't going to go away.

Saying fuck off to a guy who supports people spouting that they want me dead isn't spreading hate. It's saying hate isn't welcome.
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