Days Gone |OT| A Deacon of Hope


Mar 29, 2018
Just wrapped the story. Now to tie off the hordes!

The game swithers from phenomenal to gratingly repetitive, but it spends most of the time closer to phenomenal. Really crazy work here from Bend. After games like this you're used to the credits going on for hours... But they only go on for a little bit. (The team's credits; not all the credits which do take a while...)

The story does get rough at the very end, like the proper last few minutes, mainly just due to the team not having enough time to iterate and polish, I reckon. A lot of the game's script (from start to finish, and especially outside of cutscenes), feels like early draft material. Still an amazing effort.

I got mis-spoiled before release and was under the impression we'd actually venture into a city in this game. Even just the outskirts of one. But nope, it's all rural. Still amazing but I kept waiting for that "holy shit" city moment.

Speaking of cities, though, a city in Days Gone 2 could be incredible. On next gen, imagine having hordes 3-4 times the size of the ones here but in the streets of a city, or in a shopping mall... Imagine the potential for horde fights like the sawmill but inside more developed areas with way more paths.

Speaking of hordes, it's RIDICULOUS that Bend showed the two best hordes in the game during the pre-release hype cycle. Most hordes here are pretty small and tame with only two that really hit the potential and keep you on your toes. Id definitely like the hordes to feel more dangerous in future - maybe they will with the Survival difficulty update
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Oct 26, 2017
Anyone able to estimate how far I am, I'm getting fed up of the ganeplay loop of fetch quests for little reason, how many times do tucker, cope Land and rikki have someone that needs to be killed or saved lol or need me to rescue someone from the cults 😑l
So boozer now has a dagger arm, and I just did the last mission for o Brian, and been told that the wife did indeed pop it (yea right..., this build up is clear that she's the shock factor)


Aug 26, 2018
Really not a fan of the 4th/5th(?) camp's storyline so far.

All the build up with Sarah and so far she's just another NPC quest giver. Deacon sees she's alive and just carries on like nothing. Doesn't even try to talk to her 1 on 1. She doesn't seem to give a shit he's alive either. She was literally like a five minute bike ride away, too. It's really anti climatic imo.

So far every other quest here has been a garbage fetch quest. You even have the NPCs complaining you aren't doing enough fetch quests for them. It's getting really grating. The gameplay loop is sooooo repetitive at this point, I go into a zombie trance while I play it. I've done the same thing for like 40 hours at this point.

Don't like any of the camp members here. Camp leader is a crazy asshole.

I'm just waiting for this to end already. Don't think I'll go for the plat even if I get close. Gameplay loop is just so repetitive that it doesn't seem worth it.


Oct 26, 2017
I've been playing this for a couple days and I'm enjoying it a lot.

It was a little rough early on, I decided to go on hard and honestly had to learn how the game wants you to play because I was playing it wrong for the first few hours.

Now it's a very enjoyable stealth game. I've just put most of my points into focus because headshots are all that matter. Shooting anything anywhere but the head just takes god damn forever.

My main complaints would be how obvious it is when the game spawns more enemies, like when you clear an area, walk some distance and come right back, often it's repopulated. The performance can also get terrible, but it seems like it's just streaming issues. I'm on 1.09 but it still runs like ass for a few seconds when you're driving fast.

Wolves are fuckers. They are silent as hell until they are right up on you.

Still pretty early I think, so maybe the repetition hasn't had it's time to bore me yet, but it's a great time so far.


Oct 27, 2017
Is there anyway to make the final missions appear? I've beat the main game, but certain story threads aren't finished after the credits.
Oct 27, 2017
I just love the hordes so much. I love the gradual build of the horde music and you know there's one somewhere close. I was on the roof of a gas station and the music kicked in and then after a minute I looked down and there they all were shambling below me to their feeding ground nearby. Took them out with an attractor and a grenade, a few molotovs and then a lot of run and gun.


Oct 28, 2017
Was looking for this thread. Guess OTs are around for 1 week then moved here?

This game has by far the best weather effects of any game. Lighting is fantastic. Love the motorbike, I could ride around all day in the rain.

As I was starting to get burnt out the game just got amazing. What I assume is the last area of the game is brilliant with some great characters and missions. Just had a mission that was pure The Last of Us.

I really like the bible references throughout the game and some of the writing is really quite good as is the acting.

"Every man deserves a fair trial. And a fair hanging... from the neck, until dead." - Col. Garret.

Amen sir. *salutes*
Oct 27, 2017
Got to say, I'm not really understanding the repetition complaints, at least no more than any other game. Obviously you're doing the same stuff mechanically throughout, but the camps and locations are suitably unique so each encounter offers something fresh to how it plays out. My only wish is that Bend had given more opportunity to utilise the freakers and hordes etc when clearing camps - I've only done it properly once when some marauders had foolishly built their camp above a freaker cave. Mind you the stealth gameplay feels fantastic to me so it's not a huge issue.
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Oct 25, 2017
I enjoy the fact the Col.doesn't seem to know much about religion despite talking a big game about God. It's actually pretty subtle at first but then he's asking people about the 10 Commandments.


Oct 25, 2017
Anyone able to estimate how far I am, I'm getting fed up of the ganeplay loop of fetch quests for little reason, how many times do tucker, cope Land and rikki have someone that needs to be killed or saved lol or need me to rescue someone from the cults 😑
You can actually see this for yourself in the map. Each camp will show the number of side missions remaining. I think Tucker's camp has 8, Copeland 6.


Nov 13, 2018
That heavy freaker boss was crazy intense! My heart rate was through the roof! It was so satisfying once I took him down.


May 30, 2018
hey guys
I've been playing through this non-stop for a few days and really enjoying my time
just reached the 3rd camp and damn this game is bigger than I thought
but when do I take on hordes?
I've only managed to take down 2 small ones like around 50-100 freakers that too using attractors and fuel tanks (the horde train and a cave near hot springs that had a NERO injector in it)
when do I start like moving them down with guns and attempt like the saw mill one
as of right now I'm still scared to go inside caves and tunnels and when i see hordes they freak me out lmao


Oct 27, 2017
Cleared all the hordes, turned out to be easier than I thought. Remarkable how good you can become at it. There's four or five camps/checkpoints that produce the most scavengeable material, which really helps.

Concerning the hordes, this game really successfully takes you from "oh crap I'm dead" to "come at me while I take you all out". Instigating them to start chasing you becomes a tactic rather than a fatal mistake.