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Oct 27, 2017
I always found this game to be uninspired...well that isnt completely true. It looks like they tried to take Daryl from The Walking Dead, and threw him into a world with zombies from World War Z, but instead of calling them walkers from The Walking Dead, they call them Freakers.

Anyways, it has a 7/10 right now which is decent, but there is a lot of reviews pointing at this game as being bad. I hope the game does ok though, as I do think Bend Studios has potential. I enjoyed Golden Abyss on the Vita.
Imo that's how I always saw it. A Walking Dead/Sons of Anarchy mix. I like it :P


Oct 28, 2017
Bend downplaying begins I see. I mean, it's ok not to like their games but to say they're not capable of a full console experience... what does that even mean?
For me it meant that the last two games I played from them were Resistance Retribution and Uncharted Golden Abyss and neither of those have really stood out as indicative of what I’d consider immaculate design. Both has questionable decisions in their gameplay patterns that I wasn’t a fan of and I didn’t believe that the studio that created those two games would be able to escape that cycle and be free of the same issues that plagued those.

I was ready to be pleasantly surprised but it just doesn’t seem like I will be. I’m still in day one and have my preorder ready to go. I lacked faith in a studio with no proven track record on console games in the last decade (not entirely their fault if they didn’t get a say in what they were making). I hope that I enjoy the game more than a lot of reviewers did.


Oct 26, 2017
I'm honestly surprised it was glowing. Other than the very first trailer I saw nothing of the game other than an hours playthrough on Gamespot yesterday, and here's what I saw within 40 minutes:

1. Stamina bar
2. Having to gas your bike
3. Durability in weapons
4. "Detective" mode

These are literally things people have been complaining about in games for a while and want removed, yet here we are with a game with all 4 thing in it. How is this a surprise?

Add in generic white guy and you basically have a "paint by numbers" style video game.
This forum has an issue with hyping things up to an unreachable level. It happens with every exclusive game and it’s doesn’t do anyone any favours.


Oct 27, 2017
This game was such a huge wildcard. Giving a studio that’s specialized in portable games an open-world (something they’ve never done), console AAA ( a first for them in like 15 years), new IP (another first) is a lot to manage.

Hopefully this still sells well


Oct 25, 2017
Most of the reviews seem to say that you don't have the skills/upgrades to take on hordes until very deep into the game. That's not to say that there are no hordes at all in the early game, just that you will mostly be avoiding them or running from them.

Gamespot says the first horde-related mission is after 40 hours.
Damn. I was hoping there would be smaller hordes to get you used to the mechanic.


Oct 27, 2017
Barnsley, UK
A lot of people on Era have come so far in life without learning the difference between hopes and expectations.

Do yourselves a favour and google it, instead of writing another shitpost, salty defense or console war bait.


Oct 27, 2017
I was wondering why this thread got so big this fast.

Didn't see those kind of score incoming. I wonder if being too similar to TLOU 2 resulted in too high of expectations..... bummer.


Oct 26, 2017
Shame to hear the story seems like a bit of a mess, it was the main reason I was interested in giving the game a try.

Deep sale in 2020 it is, then. If even that.


Oct 25, 2017
Charlotte NC
Every game has to be a 9 then to warrant attention?
Mind you a 7 isn’t inherently bad, but I mean again this isn’t a Knack or a State of Decay or even a Crackdown 3/Anthem situation where it’s clearly a development hell issue. It’s just an average game, and when you set a standard of incredible average just isn’t good enough.


Nov 8, 2017
Days Gone by a 60 - 110 team. Looks pretty good for that. And again, it'a a good game. Let's see what they can do while being a 110-130+ dev team since day 1 on the PS5 :)
There are plenty of smaller sized teams that make much better games. Perhaps they should have gone for something smaller scale if they didn't have the man power?


Oct 28, 2017
This is not a " love it or hate it " game. It's a fillers-ridden mediocre open-world action game.
There are 34 80 and above reviews for the game, including from outlets like Videogamer, IGN Italy, IGN Spain, TheEscapist, LevelUP, GamePro,, JeuxActu, Eurogamer Italy, and so on.


Oct 25, 2017
Sounds like a game you can properly enjoy once it's patched up. And it's so weird seeing this & Mortal Kombat 11 coming out in the same week with both having major issues. I really hope both games figure it out.


Oct 25, 2017
I think, as per every other review thread, some are hellbent on focusing on predominantly the most scathing reviews, ignoring the more positive ones. There are 41 positive reviews, 24 mixed, and 2 negative, hence the aggregate is as it is, and not as awful as some are making out.
Reviews dont move the needle much wrt sales and maus and whatnot, but the do provide ammunition for fights. That is where their importance lay.


Oct 28, 2017
It’s just funny because this was one game where I got into some pretty genuine debates with folks who swore this was going to be a winner, and it got to the point where I kept doing double takes and thinking to myself “seriously now, are we looking at the same game? Am I taking crazy pills?”.

I feel like anyone should have seen this coming from a mile away, at no point did the game ever exude that “something special” to put it ahead of the pack. I tried my best to give it the benefit of the doubt, because I don’t actively want any game to fail, but I had no idea what the fans of this game were seeing that I wasn’t.
Honestly, I was kind of hoping reviews for this game would surprise me but these scores and the reviews I've read have all confirmed to me that this game is actually what I thought it was. Open world games are some of my favorites but even mediocre or average open world games have hit a point for me where they can quickly feel like a slog to play through.

I hope a lot of people enjoy it because like I said before, I could see a Days Gone 2 being something special. I'll definitely give Sony Bend kudos because this game is crazy ambitious compared to what Sony Bend has made in the past.


Oct 27, 2017
Imo that's how I always saw it. A Walking Dead/Sons of Anarchy mix. I like it :P
That is fair if you like that. I personally havent cared about Walking Dead since probably season 3, and Im not a huge Zombie game fan either other than a select few, even when they were absurdly popular during the PS360 era. Its just one of those trends that have passed me by.


Oct 25, 2017
Most of the reviews seem to say that you don't have the skills/upgrades to take on hordes until very deep into the game. That's not to say that there are no hordes at all in the early game, just that you will mostly be avoiding them or running from them.

Gamespot says the first horde-related mission is after 40 hours.
Oh! Thats kinda of a relief.

I think is more fun t
Most of the reviews seem to say that you don't have the skills/upgrades to take on hordes until very deep into the game. That's not to say that there are no hordes at all in the early game, just that you will mostly be avoiding them or running from them.

Gamespot says the first horde-related mission is after 40 hours.
hmmm! So you can find them.

Is better this way, maybe. I think i we should not be able to kill a entire horde haha is more fun to run or hide if you’re trying to survive


Oct 27, 2017
Dying Light is a better game. Full stop.
Dying Light tried some things and I think a lot of people appreciated that aspect that it was different. Seems like Days Gone was just trying to do what has already been done.

Which is sad because that is what tons of people said when it was announced. "How is this game going to be any different than another open world game or zombie shooter?" Seems that Bend never really had an answer for that.


Nov 12, 2017
Scathing reviews but expected. The game just looked awful. Hopefully bend is safe though but who knows with Sonys history of axeing or cutting ties with studios that don't perform well.


Oct 28, 2017
I had predicted a 75. Honestly, I'm not even remotely surprised by the reviews. The game always seemed a bit generic and uninspired.

I might pick it up when my zombie fatigue goes away.


Nov 29, 2017
Whoa, wasn't expecting this, was almost counting on a hit. Still looking forward to playing it though.

Lol, its going to sell a lot of copies, people conflating critic quality with commercial viability in this thread are far off the mark. It's a open world, AAA zombie action game in the vein of TWD and TLOU. That's effectively a license to print money.

The increased marketing this thing has over the last few weeks hints at this. Plus, with other zombie games selling over a mil I'm a week, an AAA zombie survival game will sell bucketloads.

As for me, will wait for a sale likely. But not putting stock in some of these reviews as how highly they praised rdr2. That was the first r* game I gave up on bar table tennis 14 years ago. It already looks like the shooting and action in this game is much better then dog slow Arthur Morgan, plus the player impressions so far seem much better then the reviews. so I'll decide of I'm picking it up tomorrow.


Oct 31, 2017
I will never get why people think a 7 is a bad/mediocre game.
A 7 mean a good game, not great, but good.
If its not a 9 or 10 people will sometimes automatically deem its absolute shit and a stain on the gaming hobby. I have had games receive these types of scores and love them while I have played games that received amazing scores and I couldn't wait to be done with them (Uncharted 4, Red Dead 2).


Mar 4, 2019
User Warned: Trolling
But all the loudninja threads...... Bundy's excitement.... where did all go so wrong..


Oct 29, 2017
Looks like the game will need some patches and upgrades, but I'm still interested in checking it out at some point. How's the stealth? Easy Allies touched on the subject a little bit, but they didn't go too much into detail.


Oct 27, 2017
I could've been somewhat interested, if the main character didn't look like a Kevin Smith reject.


Alt account
Mar 18, 2019
This looks like one of those bad games that people will treat like underrated gems in a year.

Like The Order


Oct 27, 2017
New Jersey
I guess I’ll see how it is when I pick it up tonight, if it’s dragging hours into it screw that. If I can find just any type of fun or enjoyment I’ll be okay but damn it’s disappointing hearing it’s just bloated as hell.