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Days Gone voted Most Anticipated PS4 title of 2019 by Push Square readers!

Why? It's a new major sony tps. Seems like this is one of those era bubble games.
I just personally don’t have a single friend that is remotely hyped for this game nor am I. I feel like it will be a decent 6/7/8 out of 10 by the numbers experience but most anticipated PS4 game of 2019 not even close for me or anyone I know. That’s why this is surprising to me. But I realize more and more every year I am out of touch with the mainstream as I stare down the barrel of being 40 years old 🙂
Oct 27, 2017
Over Resi 2, Sekiro AND KH3?

What the fuck? I'm like actually kind of mad. Those are looking like some incredibly quality games, definitely a lot more inspired and unique in execution than Days Gone from what we've seen thus far.

On second look, it seems to be a Sony fan site so not that surprising. Still guys, come on.
Oct 27, 2017
Yeah for whatever reason Days Gone is one of those games that era is really out of sync with the general gaming community.
Not true at all. It won because what else is going to win? We don't even know any other Sony exclusives coming this year other than Dreams. Put an actual 2019 date on Ghost of Tsushima or TLOU2 and Days Gone won't even chart.
Oct 25, 2017
Because it's hard to sound genuinely enthusiastic about a game like Days Gone.

Also, because the impressions around Days Gone are so negative that any vaguely positive news is deemed threadworthy by those that choose to champion the game.
Imagine being so ignorant that you think there are more negative Days Gone impressions than positive.
Oct 25, 2017
What's with the Days Gone hate around here?
Exclusive, combined with zombie fatigue even though there aren't many zombie games this gen, combined with bad initial showing combined with people spreading lies that the game has more bad previews/ impressions than positive ones when the only way you'd think that's true is if you were only looking for the negative ones.

Note: Having legit concerns that the game is bad, or thinking it doesn't look good is fine. Saying previews have been mostly negative is not when that's not the case.