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Discussion in 'Hangouts' started by Loxley, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Yggfk

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    Sorry, I meant DCCU.
  2. Wingfan19

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    Damn, if that's all true... I think I'd rather have that movie. So many more character moments and scenes that help explain certain things. The Martha/Clark scene calling back to MoS would've been sooo great. Fuck.
  3. MisterHero

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    Now this is what I'm talking about. Everything is probably shot better too.

    The need to resurrect Superman is properly explained. Because the bad guys want him first.

    Only thing I don't like is killing Cyborg.
  4. Ross62

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    Yeah killing the black guy on the team is just....

    Why Zack?
  5. Strafer

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    Zack must have binged The Walking Dead.
  6. Wingfan19

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    If I had to change anything from that list is that yeah, no Cyborg death, no Deathstroke breaking Lex out stuff (the end teaser was all that was needed), and no Jonathan Kent stuff.
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    These are all solid cuts. I would've kept everything else.
  9. MisterHero

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    The complaints against Steppenwolf would've been mitigated if Feral/Evil Superman had been kept around longer. It would've fit in a longer cut.
  10. Strafer

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    That Batcave scene sounds dope.
  11. Firemind

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    Fucking Joss Whedon, gentlemen. Oh and WB. Steppenwolf talking about his mother without any context in the film was whack.
  12. INST

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    Goddamn man that I was so confused by. I was like: why does he keep saying mother, what is up with that?
  13. Dyl

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    Glad they cut 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21. Most of them are unfitting or just lame.

    4, 8, and 13 would have been great.
  14. Kenzodielocke

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    Sounds like it was saved from a even bigger disaster.
  15. MHWilliams

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    Most of that wouldn't have fit within the 2 hour mandate, which had little to do with Whedon.

    Also, given Ultracal's stuff, the best Superman stuff came from that side.

    You oddly hate Whedon like some oddly hate Snyder.
  16. ReiGun

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    Sounds like a lot of Steppenwolf's motivations were cut. Weird.
  17. some of that stuff should've been kept. Some steppenwolf development would be welcome, as well as the reason to resurrect superman being more elaborated, it would up the stakes for sure.
  18. INST

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    Movie was trash, that description READS better but ya know; we won't really know unless we see it (which I doubt).
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    I believe ultracal31 . But the other compilation seems like fan fic. And yes ViewerAnon was spot on, but that doesn't mean that this new stuff is true. At face value, I always disregard what comes from DCEULeaks. That said, I feel like Whedon did the best he could with what he had and the time limitation. Most of the stuff that I actually enjoy from the film seems to come from the reshoots, so I just hope that the box office of this film doesn't end up being a fatal blow for a Justice League sequel going forward, or Flashpoint happening to finish the course-correction they are doing here.
  20. Firemind

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    You think it's weird? I mean, the press release stated that the film would retain Snyder's vision and Whedon would only do reshoots and post production to finish the film. From several sources (including the actual trailers), the editors and Whedon who had to write new stuff jumbled several scenes around and cut several completely. Studio execs got cold feet and fucked Snyder over.

    Superman's lines "Do you bleed?" and "I wish I was dead" were awful.
  21. MHWilliams

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    I refuse!

    I would've liked to see Snyder's cut, but my gut tells me that while it would've felt more cohesive, I would've enjoyed the film less. Whedon's pickups don't mesh well, given the time they had to shoot them, but I also liked many of his small additions.

    It's just a bad situation all around.

    Well yeah, that's why you shouldn't believe studio statements as gospel.

    My guess is those rumors of the poor screening were correct, leading to She's in being mandated to make bigger changes.

    And the latter line, including the laughter after, was enjoyable and humanizing.
  22. ultracal31

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    Ah neat, I can't really comment on the things I did not see but I'll debunk a few things I know I saw:

    *I should also clarify that whenever I said a Synder or Whedon for Superman my rule was if he didn't have a mustache in the original plate = Synder.


    LONGER: History Lesson - in all versions I saw there was no suggestion for dialogue between the characters in here

    ALTERNATE ENDING WE WERE SHOWN: - The Synder footage I saw never played out that Cyborg got 'killed' and again he's still in the slow mo fist bump shot at the end which is still a Synder shot.

    DELETED: Steppenwolf is killed by Darkseid on Apokolips. - Steppenwolf demise was heavily reworked a lot of times so at some point this version may have been pitched. The oldest version of Steppenwolf demise had someone throwing Steppenwolf body towards the boomtube while Wonder Woman deliveries the killing blow by chopping off his head. Her final attack is repurposed to breaking the axe now.
  23. ZattMurdock

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    People are so incredibly eager to believe anything that they keep falling for DCEULeaks obvious fan fiction so they can say that Snyder's take was better because of some random redditor that from all places, would post in DCEULeaks.. It works like a clock.

    In the other hand, you've provided an incredible amount of info and I thank you for that, ultracal.
  24. INST

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    Yeah, the meddling from start to finish (even going back to BvS), 2h runtime, rewrites during shooting etc. Whoever the director got a shitty gig, be it Snyder or Whedon.

    Ya nerds need to stop playing the blaming game.
  25. MHWilliams

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    Oh, that is clearly true.

    Also true. Then perhaps this person saw really early storyboards, or they've making stuff up.
  26. broncobuster

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    Reddit person mentions Perry White in it when Laurence Fishburne said a while back he wasn't.

    And I keep getting confused about how to find thi thread.
  27. MisterHero

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    If it's complete BS (which I want to doubt), the reason I want to believe is that there are properly shot scenes in the trailers that aren't in the movie.

    No lie, it first popped into my head as Perry being off-screen or a body double. But that's me armchair directing. :p
  28. Firemind

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    The problem is that it wasn't test screenings with general audiences, but the executives themselves watched the cut and felt it needed an overhaul, when previously they didn't mandate Snyder to keep it under two hours. Who the fuck do those WB execs responsible think they are? Well, enjoy the shitshow, fellas. It's gonna bomb.
  29. Ross62

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    I wonder if WB will get second thoughts on Mckay
    directing Nightwing since it’s his first live action gig. I hope they don’t cause he’s a great choice and an actual fan of the character. But it would make sense that they would probably prefer someone with a live action background.

    Also, WB needs to do another special like the one they did on CW with Johns and Kevin Smith. And actually introduce Jon Berg to the people.
  30. INST

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    Hated Lego Batman, so I wouldn't care if they just scrapped Nightwing.
  31. Ross62

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    I hate you!
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    Didn't particularly care for LEGO Batman. Probably the superhero movie I liked least this year. But I'm feeling everything McKay has said about his Nightwing movie and his understanding of the character.

    Plus it's shaping up to be a smaller scale, lower budget film.
  34. Disco

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    Yeah man that movie got kinda old quickly. Loved the opening tho and the voices of Batman, Alfred and robin

    But I don't think that's necessarily something to judge his work off of. It basically felt like the other two Lego movies which were all made by different directors.

    The action gotta be money for nightwing tho. Huge emphasis on fight choreography and acrobatics.
  35. Ross62

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    Lego Batman probably my favorite after Wonder Woman.
  36. Wingfan19

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  37. Strafer

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    I guess he's not afraid of revealing stuff.
  38. Turkoop

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    Saw JL last night.
    It was so good! I love Synder's work and I really loved the movie. Maybe better than BvS.
    I hope the BluRay Version will be longer - maybe we will see more details as like "DaveH" pointed out. Thank you WB & DC!
  39. I wasn't a fan of Lego Batman either, but I really want Nightwing to happen.
  40. Wingfan19

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    Put me in the "Not a fan of LEGO Batman" either camp. It was alright, but I was so bored throughout it. Felt like the movie was never going to end and had like 3 endings. I think that version of Batman works great as a side character in other movies because he was great in The LEGO Movie, which I liked faaaar more than LEGO Batman.
  41. Strafer

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    I loved the Lego Movie and the Batman in that movie, small doses worked great.

    Wasn't really a fan of Lego Batman.
  42. bryanee

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    Lego Batman is currently my favourite comic book movie of the year. Loved it.
  43. Tabby

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    Lego Batman was my least favourite comic book movie this year. Logan no doubt my number one for me.
  44. Strafer

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    Yeah, Logan was something else.
  45. MisterHero

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    Lego Batman was okay but I don't like how callously they treated the other DC characters. Why couldn't Superman and co. fight Agent Smith and Voldemort?

    JL paid off for me in that regard.
  46. admataY

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    Lego batman is alright-ish, but its a great study for why you dont give a comic relief character its own movie .
  47. Ross62

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    You guys are just damaged
  48. Firemind

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    Batman would never marry anyone. Not even Mask of the Phantasm went that route.
  49. Ross62

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    How long till we get fake insider leaks from Reddit and 4chan?
  50. MisterHero

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    It's Diana/Bruce now. I ship it