Dead Space is free on Origin

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Pixelbuster, Feb 13, 2018.

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    I miss this series so much.
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    That's a great deal, Dead Space is a modern classic.
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    Grabbed it, thanks!
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    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Nice. Such a great game if you have a PC and never played this game put it on your backlog.
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    Grabbed it years ago. But it's nice to see that those who missed out will be able to check it out. I only wish the studio wasn't dead and we had remasters of the series... except for 3. DS3 can goto DOOM's hell and stay there.
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    Great deal for a great game.

    Me too. All three were really fun.
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    It's a good game but the controls are pretty broken by default in the PC version. I played it recently and the only way I could get it feeling decent on either KB&M or controller was by downloading a mouse fix and then using Steam to map the right stick to emulate mouse look.

    Edit: And there's some other problems too. It's one of those games that makes you glad for its PCGamingWiki page.


    Awesome game. RIP Visceral
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    I like free stuff, but do I want to get origin.

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    Thank you.
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    so its broken when using mouse and keyboard...
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    Yeah. I forget which way round it is, but with one device the camera movement is fine but the aiming is screwed, and the other the aiming is okay but the camera movement is weird. But it's something you should experiment with.
  15. FoneBone

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    AFAIK the issues are mostly with a mouse - I played with a controller a few years ago, and don't remember having any issues.

    Also, for god knows what reason, in-game Vsync locks the framerate at 30fps. Force it through your GPU control panel instead.
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    Nice! Definitely an horror classic.
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    Me too, I’d be there day 1 if there was a remaster or something.
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    I finished it on a steam controller in mouse and keyboard mode and I didn't notice any issues. It could be that using the touchpad masked some of them but I had a nice time overall.
  19. scitek

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    The only problems with playing with a controller are the horrendous input lag when using driver-forced, or D3DOverrider vsync, and bad deadzones. I used Steam to tweak the dead zone for the right stick and it helped a good bit when I replayed it a couple months back.

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    The PCGamingWiki page has jogged my memory, and I had problems with huge deadzones and a very limited analogue range. You tilt the stick and you get nothing... nothing... nothing... then whoosh it moves at close to full speed. It's totally different to how it plays on the Xbox.
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    game is fucking brilliant. Would die for a new DeadSpace this gen.
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    Great game despite the backtracking.
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    It is entirely possible that I was too oblivious to notice.
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    I tried replaying it on Steam last year, with a Xbox One controller, and it felt horrible. Tried all the suggested tweaks and nothing felt right.
  26. Wozman23

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    Easily one of the best new IPs from last generation. Despite the transgressions of the third game, it's a shame that it is no longer around.
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    Grabbed years ago, it was the freebie that made me make a Origin account.

    Hell, my Origin and Uplay accounts are just to grab free stuff. u.u
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    They already gave it away for free years ago. They should have done the 2nd one. Great for those that missed out on it though.
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    I played on PC at release.

    Mouse had this issue where aiming and camera movement had completely different sensitivities, so that you had to choose which one you prioritised, and the other would be way too high or low in comparison.

    I could only play for about 30 min at a time, because I would get too scared.

    I hope this mouse fix works on my retail copy so I don't have to download it again.
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    My Origins library is literally all the free games they give out, aha.
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    Anyone tested this Origin version to know if it has fixed the mouse problems?
    I added the game to my library but if it has a bunch of problems there are others game I rather be playing before this (but will get to it one day definitely)
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    The dismemberment gameplay and the complete integration of the UI into the world was amazing back when this came out. Gotta go back to see how it holds up sometime.
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    Thanks for this site
  34. Svart

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    They didn't.
    But pcgamingwiki is your friend :)
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    Don't see why not

    I mean the UI is worse than steam imo but free is free ;p
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    PCGamingWiki is invaluable, I pretty routinely check it for every new PC game I get now. DS is a perfect example of a game where a visit to its page on there is invaluable
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    Apparently I already nabbed it during a prior free promotion. Still, great game. Heavily recommended, still holds up brilliantly, and can't say no to that price.
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    DS2 > DS1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DS3

    DS1 needs a bit of tweaking on PC otherwise the mouse feels awful. It was completely fixed in DS2/3.
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    I loved this game and the sequel on PS3, not sure if I will play it again but I can't argue with free.
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    Ooh, didn't own this yet. Will play soon.
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    One of my all time favorites. Played pretty well on controller a few years back when I last played it. There was some problem with the dead zones for either stick or triggers....can't recall which, but I used a small app to correct the issue and it was fine from there.
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    Aww man
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    Dead Space 2 was what Resident Evil 4 was for PS2 gen
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    I replayed Dead Space 1 not too long ago and didn't have any aiming problems with a controller. Felt a bit stiff in general but I thought it was due to aging than anything else.
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    What do you mean by this good sir? It made horror games mixed with good action popular again?
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    Xbox Live Gold Game of the month Confirmed!
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    DS1 and 2 are so fucking good.
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    I've always been curious about the games, but since only the first two are available on Steam I've never really gotten to them. Is it recommended to play all games or should I just stick to the first? Edit. To clarify, as seen in this thread, DS2 gets a lot of praise too. But I wonder if it still feels "stand-alone", not to mention if it keeps the slick design of the first game (I've heard DS2 adds more story and moves away from its nice atmosphere).
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    Made TPS Great Agrain™