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Death Stranding’s environments are nightmare inducing (15 minute "hands on" impression) (Update: Potentially fake)

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Oct 30, 2017
Step 1: Create preview hyperbole to get people excited
Step 2: Game launches and hyperbole was hyperbole
Step 3: Thanks for disappointing me.


Jun 26, 2018
Unfortunately, we may have been played like a certain string instrument.

Mod edit, tweet removed: We do not provide a platform for SkillUp or their content here.
Figured as much, was mighty suspicious this was the only "hands-on" to go live... figured there'd be a slew of major sites pumping out articl
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Oct 25, 2017
Chicago, IL
I am not a fan of scary games but I appreciate that they exist. I have always been intimidated by Kojima boss battles and paranormal elements. This will probably be worse for me in that sense. But oh well. Tomorrow is in your hands.


Dec 28, 2017
modiz Can you request a mod to lock this thread please? The original article has been updated and the editor has stated that the information is all false. There doesn't seem to be any sort of hands on at PAX Aus.

Note from the editor: Erina Rose has been a close associate of mine for many years and has often provided us with valuable industry information. Although I can vouch for her authenticity, I cannot vouch for the validity of this article. I have asked her to provide proof that she has had “hands-on” time with the game which she was unable to provide.

After a lengthy discussion with the PR and Partnership manager for PlayStation Australia I have made the decision to make a full retraction and ask the reader to be sceptical about the information the author has
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