December Wrasslin' |OT|: It's the Most Carny Time of the Year


Oct 25, 2017
No matter the style, the fundamental truth of pro wrasslin' is that it's carny as fuck.

So, no matter if you are a fan of the Virgin Best Bout Machine or the Chad Zeus, joshi wrestlers of all types, lucha warriors going from flipping on the streets to flipping in rings, glorious ultraviolence, American indies run by the most tone deaf promoters, or World of Sports style wrestling, you are welcome in WrassleEra!

It's now easier than ever to find the kind of pro graps/conflict play/professional wrestling that fits you! From the homogenized, formulaic product that WWE provides to the highly niche realm of Japanese women dropping each other on their necks as hard as they can, there is something out there for you! You don't have to settle with something that you don't like and end up complaining about it anymore!

Updated non-WWE streaming options:
New Japan
Pro Wrestling - The top Japanese promotion. On Demand streaming service with all major events streamed live, often with English commentary. - 999¥/month
Dragon Gate
Pro-Wrestling - Usually considered the #2 promotion in Japan, Dragon Gate's matches are focused around speed and factions. - 1500¥/month
DDT Pro-Wrestling
- The kind of company where you will see some great top end matches and outlandish comedy on the same show. The streaming network, DDT Universe, includes content from DDT, Tokyo Joshi Pro, BASARA, and Ganbare Pro-Wrestling. - 900¥/month

All Japan Pro-Wrestling - Once the top company in Japan, AJPW is now a shadow of its former self. As long as it's the home of the one true ace, Kento Miyahara, it is still worth your time and attention. - 900¥/month
Big Japan Pro-Wrestling - If you enjoy deathmatches and beefy hosses fighting each other, then you will need to check out Big Japan. BJW Core, their VOD service, is not great, unfortunately. - 888¥/month
Pro-Wrestling NOAH - The current home of Naomichi Marufuji, NOAH was once famous for holding matches with wrestling legends like Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi, and Jun Akiyama. Now a pale imitation of itself at its peak, NOAH is the home of hard-hitting action in front of small audiences.
World Wonder Ring Stardom
- The top joshi promotion in Japan currently. On Demand streaming service with English subtitled content. - 750¥/month
Pro Wrestling WAVE - A secondary joshi promotion in Japan. Updates to its VOD network are sporadic. Home of ASUKA, for now. - 800¥/month
Marvelous That's Women's Pro Wrestling - Chigusa Nagayo's joshi promotion, Marvelous streams all of its events at decent qualities. - 600¥/month
Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling - Meiko Satomura's joshi promotion, Sendai Girls is home to Satomura and Chihiro Hashimoto, two of the top joshi wrestlers working today. - $5.99/month

North America

Ring of Honor - Owned by the despicable Sinclair Broadcasting, Ring of Honor (ROH) was once the the top independent wrestling company in the US. They rely heavily on its relationship with New Japan and the Elite.
Past Events @ - $7.99/month
Weekly TV every Thursday @ Current PPV's $15-35/show
- US independent wrestling company that now serves as the testing ground for NXT wrestlers so they can wrestle wrestlers who are not (currently) signed with WWE. The WWN family of events (Evolve, FIP, ACW, and their all women promotion, SHINE) airs on their streaming service, Club WWN, or on - $9.99 for membership in Club WWN, with a 50% discount for Club WWN members on $19.99/show. There is no discount on
- The top super indy in the world, PWG gathers wrestlers from around the world for its major events. PWG's bookers haven't tried to book storylines in their shows in forever, so they're booking matches for the sake of having matches these days. Shows can be exhausting, and the delay from show to release is maddening. - $15/DVD $20/Blu-Ray
Old shows can be found on for $15/show.
Impact Wrestling - The company that was Total Nonstop Action joined with Global Force Wrestling and along the way became Impact Wrestling. It's decent enough, but it will never shed the stink of TNA and GFW. - $7.99 for archival TNA and Impact Wrestling content - free Twitch channel that streams old TNA and Impact content
Highspots Wrestling Network
- A hodge-podge of independent wrestling VOD content, from AAW to Bar Wrestling to CZW to Dubai Pro Wrestling (!). Also has a back catalog of PWG and even some PROGRESS shows On Demand. - $9.99/month
– A growing network of live streaming and on demand independent wrestling content, is the streaming home of Beyond Wrestling and Nova Pro Wrestling. and Smart Mark Video announced in 2017 that Smart Mark Video content would also appear on - $10.00/month - $100.00 for one year

Major League Wrestling - A company that was revived in 2017, MLW is trying to position itself as at least a competitor to Impact Wrestling. It has a weekly TV show that it also carries on its YouTube channel. The shows are okay.

Chikara Pro - One of the older independent wrestling companies still running, Chikara Pro fills a niche for explicitly family friendly lucha libre-inspired wrestling. Its King of Trios tournament is usually a highlight of the year. - $7.99/month
Combat Zone Wrestling - JEEZUS, it's the ultraviolent wrestling company that gave us so many classic gifs over the years. "Laying the law once again, prepare for war!/CZW!" - $9.99/month
Game Changer Wrestling - The promotional partner that brought you Joey Janela's various shows and Matt Riddle's Bloodsport, GCW is also the promotional home of the king, the fucking god of this shit who would rather die than not do this shit, MDK, h8 club, eastern block, gang affiliated man.
Lucha Underground
- A TV show about a wrestling show featuring some of the most notable lucha libre wrestlers working today. The stories are melodramatic, and the show is no longer streaming on Netflix. The promotion is probably dead.

El Rey Network, SlingTV or US iTunes - $40/26 episode season
- Lucha libre promotion, many of its stars were featured in Lucha Underground. They live stream some of their events at
Clips and shows posted to
- The premiere lucha libre promotion in Mexico.
" I think on fridays, and streams on YouTube too for the Monday and Tuesday shows:"
- At last, SHIMMER has joined the streaming wars with its VOD service. Shimmer is the top US women's promotion, and its back catalogue includes matches featuring the likes of Beth Phoenix, Becky Lynch, Paige, Asuka, Natalya, Mickie James, Ember Moon, Blue Pants, Nikki Cross and more. At this time, the streaming service is up to show 63; the DVDs are up to 81; the next live taping is for shows 109-112. - $9.99/month

- The top of the bustling UK indy scene, benefiting greatly from its close relationship with the WWE. The crowds are hot, and the matches are usually pretty good. - $7.49/month
Revolution Pro Wrestling
- Pairs the top level British talent with the top indy stars from the US, and through a partnership with New Japan, the top Japanese stars. Employs Josh Bodom. - $8.49/month
Westside Xtreme Wrestling - The top European company that is often forgotten about, wXw is famous for its annual 16 Carat Gold tournament, which features some of the best wrestling in the world. - 999 Euro/month
Insane Championship Wrestling
- A Scottish company that is focused on adult-focused wrestling content that pays homage to the WWE's Attitude Era. - $6.99/month

Over the Top Wrestling - An Irish wrestling company, OTT provides a balance of action and comedy in its shows. They'll sometimes put up their really great matches on YouTube for free.
Riptide Wrestling - An English wrestling company that is trying to innovate how wrestling looks on your screen. - $7.50/month
Pro Wrestling: EVE - Trying to carve out a niche in the UK as the feminist, antifa, premiere women's wrestling promotion in Europe, EVE has had some great women's wrestling since its start. If you can get over how it liberally pays homage to New Japan Pro Wrestling's events, it'll be fine. - $9.99/month

Japan: Pro Wrestling Zero1, Michinoku Pro Wrestling, Osaka Pro Wrestling, Wrestle-1, Ice Ribbon, Oz Academy, YMZ (
Australia: Melbourne City Wrestling
United States: AIW, Limitless Wrestling, CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling
Canada: Border City Wrestling
Mexico: The Crash Lucha Libre
Europe: Fight Club Pro, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, IPW:UK, SMASH
Africa: Africa Wrestling Alliance, World Wrestling Professionals
Israel: Israeli Wrestling League, Ultimate Wrestling Israel, All Wrestling Organization

For more on lucha libre, check out
Lucha TV - "They legally upload many of the lucha indies events:"
It's the end of the year, which means it's time for the Carny Awards! We'll review the categories, go through nominations, and vote this month. Results will be tallied and posted in the January OT.
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Oct 25, 2017
A Carny OT with no mention of cinderblocks or Gabe. For shame.

good OT


Oct 25, 2017
Upcoming shows in December:

December 9
CZW Cage of Death XX
-Cage of Death For The Vacant CZW Championship: Ricky Shane Page vs. Mance Warner
-Atsushi Onita & Matt Tremont vs. DJ Hyde & Masada.
-Tables Match: CZW Tag Team Champions BLK OUT vs. The Rep.
-CZW Wired Champion Jordan Oliver vs. KC Navarro.
-Hardcore Match: The Office (Mister Claxton & Brandon Kirk & Kasey Catal & Kit Osbourne) vs. Jimmy Lloyd & Mitch Vallen & Dan O’Hare & Maria Manic
-Joe Gacy vs. Alex Reynolds
-John Silver vs. Shane Strickland vs. Rich Swann.
-Anthony Green with the Platinum Hunnies vs. David Starr
-Leyla Hirsh open challenge.
-CZW will be conducting a Toys for Tots drive before the event, so bring your light tubes.

December 14
ROH Final Battle 2018
-ROH Championship match: Jay Lethal (c) vs. Cody
-Matt Taven vs. Dalton Castle
-Jonathan Gresham vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
-"I Quit" match: Bully Ray vs. Flip Gordon
-ROH Tag Team Championship ladder match: SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) (c) vs. The Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks
-WOH Championship match: Sumie Sakai (c) vs. Madison Rayne vs. Karen Q vs. Kelly Klein
-ROH TV Championship match: Jeff Cobb (c) vs. Hangman Page
-Marty Scurll vs. Christopher Daniels

December 15
Shine 55 on Club WWN and
Shine Championship match: Allysin Kay (c) vs. Su Yung
Shine Nova Championship match: Aja Perrera (c) w/Ayla Fox vs. Dementia D'Rose w/Candy Cartwright
Mercedes Martinez vs. Kimber Lee
Shotzi Blackheart vs. Penelope Ford
Kiera Hogan w/Candy Cartwright vs. Aerial Monroe w/Ayla Fox
Priscilla Kelly vs. Rainbow Bright (Luscious Latasha & Gabby Gilbert)
Brandi Lauren & Jenna vs. Allie Recks & Willow Nightingale

Evolve 117 on Club WWN and
Evolve Championship match: Fabian Aichner (c) vs. Austin Theory w/Priscilla Kelly vs. Roderick Strong
Evolve Tag Team Championship match: Street Profits (c) vs. JD Drake & Anthony Henry (if JD Drake is pinned, he loses the WWN Championship to whomever pins him)
Darby Allin vs. Kassius Ohno
AR Fox w/Ayla Fox & The Skulk vs. Curt Stallion
Leon Ruff vs. Josh Briggs
BSHP King vs. Joe Gacy
Harlem Bravado vs. Joe Bailey

December 16
Evolve 118 on Club WWN and
Evolve Championship match: Fabian Aichner (c) vs. AR Fox w/Ayla Fox
Evolve Tag Team Championship match: Street Profits (c) vs. Harlem Bravado & Austin Theory w/Priscilla Kelly
Roderick Strong vs. Darby Allin
Kassius Ohno vs. Anthony Henry
Priscilla Kelly vs. Shotzi Blackheart
Josh Briggs vs. Adrian Alanis
Joe Bailey vs. Joe Gacy
Curt Stallion vs. Leon Ruff vs. BSHP King vs. Colby Corino

December 31
Beyond Heavy Lies the Crown Independent Wrestling Championship: Tracy Williams (c) vs. Orange Cassidy
Chris Dickinson vs. David Starr
Fans Bring the Weapons: Nick Gage vs. Josh Briggs
Simon Gotch vs. Timothy Thatcher
Eddie Kingston vs. Stokely Hathaway
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Oct 25, 2017


Oct 25, 2017
Takeshita/Speedball was straight banana, loved it

On a side note, those Mexican fans loooooooove Higuchi
Oct 26, 2017
Expand the quote, friend. AAA and CMLL are in there. The Crash is mentioned at the bottom.

I admit that I'm not very knowledgeable about lucha libre.

I added it when I updated the streaming section because it amused me. I'm glad it amused someone else at least!
Not about that, but not giving a mention to lucha when talking about carnines in wrestling q:

For the streaming mentions add Lucha TV. They legally upload many of the lucha indies events:


Oct 25, 2017
Good job pal.

Looking forward to getting stuck into the Carnies! Who's running the thing? I'll put my name forward if we need someone
I have the setup from last year that I can roll back out. I'll probably post the categories for community review on Monday.

And I've added lucha libre to the opener.


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Oct 25, 2017
Silas confirmed in an interview with PWInsider that he signed his new three year deal with ROH

data west

Oct 25, 2017
yall red dead 2 is so bad. i have never stared at a television screen and asked 'why' so many times not since i watched raw

data west

Oct 25, 2017
Play the story and ignore everything else. The game is garbo outside of the actual mission structure. Most of the side-missions are solid, too.
I have never seen a game actively go out and stop me from having fun as much as this one

and I've played some fucking tedious 'immersive' games like STALKER multiple times. And I even LIKE GTA 4