describe a scene from a video game & let others guess what game it is from

Oct 27, 2017
Minefield. Bunnies. Ride of the Valkyries. Fun.
My favorite point 'n click... I'd put my lips on that.

Full Throttle

I feel like someone will get this right away...

You enter a cave and see a giant bear looking at you. You either fight and kill the bear, or walk past it after feeding it some of your food or calming it with a spell. Your real target in this cave is just a bit further in...
hint: this game is actually known by two names. Oh! another scene probably would be better...

You can go dancing with fairies when the sun goes down.
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Oct 25, 2017
In a futuristic society, humanity has progressed in technological advances by harvesting the energy from Relics, physical remnants of a long-lost civilization. Humans are reviled by the more-primitive Goblin species, who years ago had waged war upon them but ended up being driven from their cities and forced to live in the wilds.
Jan 27, 2019
You wake up in a shining cave with ancient patterns, you find an tablet device and then you hear a girl's voice calling out for you.
Breath of the Wild.

Hero goes back to his hometown, the locals all hate the hero, one of them challenges the hero to a fight and gets disarmed easily and tells the hero to do what he is here to do and then never come back.
Nobody got this yet.
Oct 27, 2017
Long Island, NY
You enter the shop. You walk to a closet but cant open it. The shopkeeper tells you to step away from the closet but you dont care. You just keep going which leads to the shopkeeper telling you a never-ending story.
Heh, literally just saw this last night.

Anyways, my ones-

The residents of a village are disturbed by the local river turning to blood. You visit the river's source inside a cave, and you meet with a man who murdered his wife and is trying to wash his hands off, but the blood never washes off.

You wake up in town after an underwater continent rises and your ship spins out of control, finding out that your ship has been changed to the dock by an evil, gold loving mongrel. So you then meet 4 men living in a sewer who will make you special boots to cross the bottomless swamp in front of the mongrel's mansion.

You wander the basement of a floating castle for hours, eventually finding the ultimate villain stored away in a nondescript treasure chest.