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Destiny 2: Forsaken |OT2| How's your sister?

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Oct 30, 2017
Gambit is honestly kind of whack sometimes. Always the same lames using the same guns(Thunderlord/Queenbreaker) to invade with. Hopefully next season they do something about it
The invasion system definitely needs a re-work.

My suggestion, instead of a permanent wall hack, give the invader a pulse. Otherwise, they can just pick your team off.
Nov 14, 2017
Are there any tracking sites that list the percentage of the Destiny playerbase that has unlocked each of the Seals/Titles?

Cause I feel like every other player has Dregden and Wayfarer, a decent amount have Cursebreaker and Rivensbane, and almost nobody has Chronicler and Unbroken.

I did see a Blacksmith title the other day. Actually didn't even notice it existed. Looked at the prereqs, saw a flawless SotP run and was like 'haha, nope'
Chronicler isn't possible yet. Unbroken is only possible if you went legend during Warmind, but expect to see more in the coming weeks as the three season triumph becomes possible for people who started chasing it when the title came out.

I heard a % on a podcast the other day, the number of players with titles is pretty low, like 1-3%. They might seem more common because the type of person to get one is more likely to be the type of person still playing in February. Dredgen is the most common. Rivensbanes and Blacksmiths are the rarest. Cursebreaker isn't incredibly difficult, but it's probably the most RNG dependent.
Currently the trophy percentage for getting a seal os 0.6% on PSN. If my estimate that a quarter to a third of the Destiny population got Forsaken is right, then that means that it's maybe 1.8% - 2.4% of all Forsaken players have a seal. That would line up with between 1-3% of players getting a seal.
What BioWare did to xGladd seems to me like as if Bungie perma banned Datto and Gothalion in the beginning of D1 because they were doing the original loot cave exploit in September 2014. Would have been a bad move back then, still a bad move on a developer today.
Iknorite? All the people stanning for Bioware/EA in that thread is fucking pepega too. But mah TOS!
Oct 26, 2017
So Gladd got banned from Anthem for finding some loot exploit. So imagine if all of us got banned from D from the loot caves, exotic exploit and all that other stuff. I mean if you want one of the most high profile players not playing your game anymore that's on you.
LOL we would all have been banned, especially because of this guy: Draksis
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Oct 29, 2017
Lol, Draksis farm was the day Kings Fall released, 3 ice breaker shots then Rocket to death, good times

I've played a lot of comp this weekend and 99% of the complaints about it (and QP) would be solved if they added vote to stay as a team, literally blows my mind that it still isn't an option
Oct 27, 2017
The invasion system definitely needs a re-work.

My suggestion, instead of a permanent wall hack, give the invader a pulse. Otherwise, they can just pick your team off.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, invaders can die instantly to a well-coordinated team, or even one single guy with a Queenbreaker who can predict their spawn.

Bungo is already addressing this by adding more spawns, but even then, I never bought into the idea that the invader has too much of an advantage with wall hacks. It’s one against four.

If the invader is wiping the floor with the opposing team, the opposing team is doing something wrong.
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