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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep |OT| Moon's Haunted.

Clan Recruitment
  • Cornbread78

    Oct 25, 2017
    Northeast USA
    Kyuuji is putting together a new Clan recruiting thread for Shadowkeep with updated clan info on existing clans that are in place and/or recruiting currently.

    If you would like to add your clan to the list Ruthless ImperatorPat @Gutz! (What is your Era name?) @xplicit (Era name?)for any of the platform, please post the below as requested in the existing thread:


    Requested Info to be posted in the above thread:
    If you own a clan and are part of the ResetERA community please consider opening your clan to some of the DestinyERA community so others may find a home and avenues through which to complete activities and enjoy some of the tougher aspects of the game.

    Your clan need not be a 'DestinyERA clan' to post details, all are welcome if they wish to add some members to their fold. It's highly encouraged in fact, because speaking from experience it's only increased the enjoyment I've had from the game and the amount of people I can do so with.

    Submit your clan:

    Please include the details below as a post in the thread and tag me.
    Feel free to expand on everything and add graphics, but try to have at least the minimum information:
    • Clan Name
    • Timezone(s)
    • Platform(s)
    • Bungie Link
    • Ethos

    If you have a clan and want to recruit, please add your clan for the new thread.

    Also, we may need volunteers to open new Era clans for f2p peeps on all platforms! Duties are not limited to, but include: sending and accepting clan invites for Era folks wanting to join; not a bad gig to be the boss.

    If you are interested in starting up a new clan, please create clan and post up in the thread with the details, which could be a good place or f2p Guardians to meet up and play.