1. Dreamboum

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    A 2-part interview of Suda51 with Jonathan Holmes from Destructoid

    Everything that seems like new info or giving new details will be noted with [NEW]

    Misconceptions about the game:
    • TSA is a spin-off, a different style from NMH3 (says he already has the outline of NMH3 in a previous interview)
    • Team size is smaller
    • It's an Indie style game

    Combat :
    • [NEW] Travis has access to a weak attack, strong attack and jump attack. They didn't mention it but gameplay also shows he has access to different skills as well as a running slash
    • Travis and Badman will have completely different skill sets
    • You can do a 2-player special attack

    Levels and story:
    • It will focus on the relationship with Travis, the hero of No More Heroes, and Badman, the father of Badgirl
    • [NEW] You can find new routes in the level, some that makes the game more difficult when you find them
    • [NEW] "If you find certains areas [within levels?], it will give you the option to do harder levels" (not sure of context)
    • [NEW] Playing as Travis or Badman will give a totally different story to follow
    • [NEW] The camera will change based on parts of the levels (it doesn't mean it will go back to NMH1&2 style)
    • [NEW] While it was known that the game had a cameo from The Silver Case, Suda confirms there will be a crossover

    Ideas behind TSA:
    • The idea is to make a game kinda like Smash TV that he played as a kid
    • There are a lot of indie influence such as Hotline Miami
    • First game he directed since No More Heroes 1, says he is closer to his small staff (around 10 people)
    No More Heroes 3/Spin-off:

    • [NEW] Suda says he still has the idea of a game starring Shinobu in mind that he already shared with journalists back in 2011. Not sure if No More Heroes 3 specifically or another spin-off in the franchise.

    Suda says he'd like to put Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw into the game when asked by the interviewer, but compares Juliet as "an idol" and he'd have to convince both Kadokawa and Warner Bros to use the character. Grasshopper doesn't own the Lollipop Chainsaw IP.

    It also speaks about the collaboration with Boneface, James Gunn name-dropping Suda51 on the commentary track of Guardians of the Galaxy, and how Suda saw influence of Lollipop Chainsaw in the movie and many other things.

    Full details in the articles and videos, support people creating Suda content:

    Suda 51 reacts to No More Gentlemen, the challenge to voice every character in Travis Strikes Again
    Suda would love to see Juliet in Travis Strikes Again, hasn't forgotten Shinobu for No More Heroes 3
  2. rawhide


    That sounds pretty in line with what they showed, honestly.

    I have no particular affection for the way the previous games played and this new style is more in my wheelhouse but I don't see much evidence to suggest it'll ever be especially deep.
  3. Crazy Izanagi

    Crazy Izanagi

    OH please please please please pretty PLEASE let that Shinobu game happen.
  4. LordKano


    Seems like it will have a good amount of content, that's great.

    I gave up hope on that a while ago but Suda really doesn't talk for nothing. No More Heroes 3 starring Shinobu in quest to replace Old Travis would be ace.
  5. Vishmarx

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    I dont think the disappointment this game ever stemmed from what it is, most people are just sad over what its not.
  6. AndrewDean84


    Yeah, I get that. But it's kind of shity to base an opinion on what something is, rather than what it isn't. Reminds me of the initial backlash for Banjo Nuts and Bolts, despite it being an amazing title.
  7. Would love to play an actual well-designed Shinobu game.
  8. MattB


    I played it at PAX east and loved it when though I had a shitty coop partner. Can't wait for it
  9. LordKano


    Completely unrelated but I'm surprised no journalists asked him if he wanted to bring The Silver Case & 25th Ward to Switch, considering the links with Travis Strikes Again ?
  10. Figured it was inspired by SmashTV from the trailer that they showed. I liked Smash back in the day, but I don't really have much of an interest to revisit a game like that. Hopefully there's more to it.
  11. NotLiquid


    I kinda chalk that up to the fact that The Silver Case is still a very niche game that I don't imagine is on a lot of journalists' radar despite the remake.
  12. zakatana


    I'm actually more pumped up by this game than for a mainline NMH
  13. Dreamboum

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    A bit unrelated but I also got my hands on this behemoth of a book dedicated to Suda's life and work. Weighs at least 2kg and is 335 pages long, really excited to see what it has to offer. It was released only last year too. I flipped around a little and you can see photos of Suda as a kid!
  14. Honestly, my only disappointment with the game is the lack of voice acting. I felt that was a major part of NMH, because it was excellent
  15. CoolestSpot


    Is this in English?
  16. Aostia82


    day one
  17. Dreamboum

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    Only in French I'm afraid
  18. CoolestSpot


  19. Bobo Dakes

    Bobo Dakes

    If she plays absolutely NOTHING like she did in NMH2, I’d be up for a Shinobu game. Though my first choice would be Henry.
  20. CoolestSpot


    Why not a romantic trip between the two?
  21. Dreamboum

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    Hahahaha. Now now

  22. lmao
  23. CoolestSpot



  24. The trailer focused on the running slash but some gameplay from the event showed a more traditional combo
  25. Japanmanx3


    NMH really deserves the franchise treatment. Really hope the Shinobu games comes forward.
  26. Arael


    People are disappointed because they don't get that Suda games are plot and theme-focused games with gameplay as a wrapper. Very much looking forward to this text-heavy metacommentary with an action game attached.