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Detective Pikachu will not gross more than 1B worldwide. Who will make an avatar bet about that?

Oct 27, 2017
Jokes on you, I equally like Digimon as much as Pokemon.

And Cyber Sleuth was a much more enjoyable game to play last year than Let's Go was as well.

You wanted to really annoy me, should have forced a Secret Life of Pets avatar on us all. Too late for that now.

Oct 27, 2017
I was AGAINST since before there was even a bet, but I can't help but feel sympathy (as a Green Lantern fan) for those who hoped a Ryan Reynolds helmed vehicle would score big on the silver screen. Sorry guys.
Nov 11, 2017
It dethroned Endgame for even a single day...
I am at peace.
I welcome you, o skull of Grey...

(How long is this for again? It was never specifed.)
Jan 6, 2019
At least it was genuinely good, so that curse was broken. Angry Birds Movie already succeeded box office-wise, as did those dumb Resident Evil movies. We just need a video game adaptation to combine decent critical and audience reception with a successful box office run.
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Oct 27, 2017
Glad to see a lot of people like myself interested in the upcoming Digimon Survive! Continue to show your solidarity and hopefully by joining together we'll get more news!

Oct 25, 2017
Ann Arbor, MI
Everyone please @ and shame these members who are too chicken to pay up and change their avatars after making the bet now that they lost.

If Zootopia could do it...
Put me down. Also that gif needs to be banned it’s hypnotizing.
I'm team 1 billion. Kids will watch the same damn movie over and over again.

Fuck y’all negative Nellies.

I’d rather go down as a believer. That dancing gif changed me.

I’m gonna vote FOR.

Might as well join the other 40 or so movies to do so.
this is tough. if it doesn't hit $800M it'll be seen as a fail. $1B if Endgame wasn't already emptying people wallets would probably be fine. Pokemon is a huge IP and has a big star attached to it and the trailers have looked good. should kill in international. I think it's getting a release in China iirc, think Zhuge was talking about it...

This is tough but what the hell why not. Put me down for $1B

it'll probably hit around $900M
For. Pokemon is huge
I think the movie will easily make 1 billion.
Oh and put me down as a yes it will hit 1 billion once its done.

Tho, the news about it leaking the whole movie is really worrying

I'm betting for that Electric Mouse :')

Why not? That clusterfuck of Suicide Squad made almost 1B, and Pikachu is more famous than Harley Quinn.
Count me in the 1+ B-Club
I don't think it'll make it.

But I think it has a shot. And I choose hope.


i never lose so this will be good.
You know what, fuck it it’ll be fun either way


All day, every day.

Pokemon GO players are gonna lead it to the promised land.

I already guessed the RT wrong, so who knows, LOL.
I am going with FOR for sure
I'm going to join just for the memes.

FOR over 1 Billion. I’m expecting it to land somewhere around 1,1 to 1,2 billion.

The Summer Movie right here.

I want to believe. OVER 1 billion. So FOR.
This fad ain't ever dying
1 billion isn’t exactly realistic, but screw it.
I can easily see it besting one billion yen, so I'm FOR.
Y’all crazy. This is making 1 billion
Sign me up for Team over 1 billion. Don’t sleep on Pikachu.

Over a Billi

Pikachu isn't Ash

The lot of you are cowards
Put me down as a FOR
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Oct 28, 2017
The ability for it to hit 1 billion is 100% dead. The avatar bet is thus May 12 - June 12 given it failed to even come close to what it needed to open at worldwide to do a billion.


I'm pretty sure this made more money than Zootopia on it's opening weekend worldwide and that hit a billion HOWEVER, if it is the will of the counsel then the I will see it done.

(I reserve the right to gloat upon the revival of this bet)