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Nov 20, 2017



Detroit: Become Human is a very ambitious adventure game, and it is built around 3 fundamental aspects.
(Examples below are from the very first chapter of the game to avoid Spoilers)

I. Beyond the QTE

It is important to understand that in Detroit: Become Human, the QTEs are merely the interface of the game.

Instead of having to move the joystick around to interact with items, a specific button prompt will appear as you approach them.

At the same time, not performing an action is also a choice.
For instance, if you are pressed by the time, maybe checking every item in the room is not the smartest thing to do, even though you have the option to do so, and you would have to focus your attention on what is most important.

Evaluating each situation is key.
There are many set pieces in the game that all have new elements to take into consideration.
Your behavior directly affects your relationship with the characters and the game's world.

You may have been conditioned to press a button as soon as it appears on the screen by other games, just like you may be used to a QTE sequence looping until you get it right...

Well, in Detroit: Become Human, any QTE is a choice, and there is no "retry option", as well as no game over.
The game will go on no matter what happens.

More classic QTEs can be found throughout the game, mainly for some action scenes.
But it will always show the results of not completing a QTE, it can lead to battle damage, software instability, characters hating you, and more importantly, characters dying, including the main heroes.
Every death is final.

That being said, in some instances, not completing a QTE can create a more positive outcome.
Rushing heads first might be a crucial mistake.

Once again, make sure to fully understand what situation you're in before acting !

II. Meaningful Choices

Detroit: Become Human is the most branching game ever made by Quanticdream.

Building your own story is the goal.

There are many outcomes for each chapter, some sequences can even be skipped entirely depending on what you do.
Your allies, your enemies, the survival of each character, the fate of humanity, everything is in your hands.

After you complete a chapter, a flowchart will show you the path you took and how many you missed out on. It will also highlight which decisions were game changers for the rest of the story.

The outcomes you missed are masked until you replay the chapter and unlock them to avoid spoilers.

Here is the flowchart of the first chapter to illustrate the number of outcomes :

It is not recommended to replay a chapter to "see the other paths" until you've beaten the game a first time !
Play with consequences.

Create a unique story that will be yours to share with others.
And you can always "go back in time" to change things around once you're done !

III. Android Abilities

Being an Android has perks !

Equipped with the latest software conceived by Cyberlife, the Androids are able to analyze their surroundings in a split second.
Use this to see the points of interest nearby and clarify what your objectives might be.

Connor is equipped with a simulator that allows him to reconstitute the past using elements found in a scene. Using this feature allows Connor to discover new evidence or understand what happened with more precision.

Markus and Kara come with their own set of abilities, but as they are more contextual, it is best to discover them while playing !

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Oct 25, 2017

1. The Art of Detroit

2. The Music of Detroit

3. Short : KARA comes to life

4. Short : Interview of the Androids' creator

5. Short : Chloe - The first

6. Short : Hold on

Quanticdream is celebrating its 20 years of existence !

The journey started with the revolutionary Omikron : The Nomad Soul, a game that featured non linear story telling, 3D open world, tons of npcs to interact with and the participation of David Bowie, as one of the first Digital Actor.

Since then, the studio has never rested on their laurels and has always tried to offer new experiences with each of their titles.
Refusing to abandon the adventure genre, and defining the modern era of "interactive dramas", Quanticdream strives to create unique situations that will resonate with players on an emotional level, by giving you wide ways to interact with the story and the characters.

Building a new engine for each of their titles, and creating completely new worlds, each adventure is truly unique.

Detroit: Become Human benefits from 20 years of hindsight, and is the sum of the strongest parts of their previous titles, it is therefore a perfect title for fans and newcomers alike !

  • Face the consequences !

In Detroit: Become Human, every choice matters.
And sometimes, you might hate what the outcome of a decision is.

It is strongly recommended to not replay chapters to change what happened until you've beaten the game a first time.

This way you get to experience a unique story that is fully yours. It makes the stakes have far more importance if you stick with the bad conclusions !
Play spontaneously, become one with the characters.

And this way you get to replay the game to change things around.

  • What is the game's length ?

The game ranges from 8 to 13 hours on a first playthrough. (Entire sequences can be skipped or not based off your choices)
The game offers a huge replay value thanks to its wide variety of choices.

  • How long does it take to platinum the game ?

It takes around 20 to 25 hours to platinum the game.
It is not necessary to see all outcomes/actions.

  • Did David Cage write this ?

Yes he did, but this time he has received a significant amount of help from 3 writers, to flesh out all the different story branches and plots.
He was not the sole lead writer.

  • Is this just a movie ?

No. I invite you to read the gameplay section of this thread, keep in mind many gameplay elements have not been mentioned to keep them as surprise for the players.

One key aspect of this game, is that it always tries to adapt the gameplay to the story, and lets you play unique situations, you're always in control. Whether it's a mundane sequence, a chase scene, etc...
The game doesn't limit itself to just one thing.

But more importantly, the fact that you can directly impact the story in so many ways is what makes this game extremely engaging. Interactivity is key to gaming.

  • How hard is the game ?

The game offers two difficulties, one for experienced gamers and one for more casual players, to make sure everyone can have a fitting experience.

Masterpiece ? Dumpster Fire ? We'll find out soon but...

One thing is for certain, this game has the prettiest ingame ear you will ever see.

And isn't that all that matters ?

Metacritic 80%
Opencritic 80%

Critical consensus : If you like adventure games, you will love this. If you're not sure, get the demo, and understand that things open up tremendously afterwards, in terms of situations and scopes, so if you enjoyed it, you're guaranteed to have a good time.

What some reviews said :
"Quantic Dream's latest narrative adventure is their best yet." 4.5/5

Critical Hit

"Detroit: Become Human is by far Quantic Dream and David Cage’s best game..."
"the game focuses on simple storytelling with a cast of endearing characters." 9/10

Culture Jam
"I still don't know if androids dream of electric sheep, but I've dreamed of games like this for a long time." 95%

Daily Joystick Podcasts:
"Detroit: Become Human pulled me in to its futuristic world and took me on a journey that was incredibly real and filled with me with so much intrigue"
"The decisions may be hard to make in Detroit: Become Human, but picking this game up is one of the easiest decisions of your life." 10/10

"Grand Storytelling for Quantic Dream’s Masterpiece" 9/10

"Detroit: Become Human is a clever and mature game but it's still nice to play like a film by Christopher Nolan that questions you without stopping to entertain you." 100%

"Detroit: Become Human is not a masterpiece of video games. It is an interactive masterpiece of experience. As you will not see anywhere else." 5/5

JV France:
"The realization and the twists and turns worthy of a Hollywood movie are exacerbated by this topic of AI that fascinates and questions." 9/10


Thank you to TI92, Mediking and dragonbane for their help.

TI92 offers to "Android-ify" your avatar, so ask away and join the superior race !
(Don't look at me, I don't need one, I've been team Android (17) since day 1)

Disclaimer : You will not look as cute as this.
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Apr 23, 2018
Awesome OT. Preordered off PSN today. Can't wait!


The Fallen
Oct 26, 2017
Very great OT! Looking forward to sharing my review when embargo lifts, lots to discuss. I appreciate the Blade Runner nod in the title.


Oct 27, 2017
Great OT/title! Pretty optimistic about this after the demo, although knowing Target shipping, I won't be playing this until Monday. :(


Oct 25, 2017
Wonderful OT.

Might go and buy this from an actual store on Friday, not online.


Oct 26, 2017
Awesome, AWESOME OT Angie and Slaythe :D Glad I was able to provide some material for it. I get my copy 12 hours from now yay


Oct 27, 2017
Here we go! Good OT title.

I've played 21-22 chapters and Connor is easily my favorite main character. Such a lovable guy, and what an actor!


Oct 27, 2017
I’m pro human.

Don’t give a crap about the robots and I’m going to play so they get the worst things happening to them.

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Oct 27, 2017
Beautiful OT. We in here! Just preordered on NewEgg. Looking forward to playing the game several days after the rest of the internet! [sobbing]


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Nov 3, 2017
Looking forward to a binge playthrough this weekend. The demo was awesome and I feel like this could be a GOTY candidate.


Oct 27, 2017
I was on the fence and was thinking I could wait a long while before getting this (with my backlog being out of control)...

The OT has sold me.