Detroit: Become Human sold 1 million units in two weeks


Oct 27, 2017
Confirmed by French financial newspaper Les Échos:

Quantic Dream enjoys its best start

The game Detroit: Become Human has already attracted 1 million buyers, according to the French studio. It was developed in four years, in Paris.

Quantic Dream prides itself on never following up on its video games and preferring to create totally new worlds. On the other hand, their successes have an air of déjà-vu. "We have just passed the million mark sold for Detroit: Become Human, two weeks after the release of the game, said Guillaume de Fondaumiere, the deputy CEO of the French independent studio. This is clearly our best start. The previous title of this flagship of narrative video games, Heavy Rain, in 2014, took five weeks to break the milestone of one million copies. In total, it attracted 5.5 million players.

Only available on Playstation 4, the commercial performance of the game must be compared with other titles reserved for the Japanese console. In this category, Quantic's game does not compete with the recent God of War by Santa Monica studio and its 3.1 million sales in three days. But the multiple-ending scenario imagined by Quantic Dream founder and creative star David Cage is also more demanding.

Developed in four years in the twentieth arrondissement of Paris, Detroit: Become Human has been pre-funded by Sony. The partnership between Quantic Dream and the manufacturer of the PS4 has been renewed with each new game for twelve years. Discussions are underway for the studio's next project, which won't come out until several years.

"Our revenue depends on Sony's advances and our profitability (depends on) the success of our games," says Guillaume de Fondaumière. He claims 10 million euros in annual revenue. His company has 115 employees on permanent contracts and at certain stages of the development of the game, more than fifty professionals in fixed-term contracts.
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Oct 28, 2017
Sold? That is really good for Quantic Dream. The sales are very well deserved, I think this is my game of the year.


Nov 2, 2017
Nice, Heavy Rain which is their best selling game took 1 month to get to that number.


Oct 25, 2017
Yaaay! Go QD go! I'm glad these type of games still sell and there is a market for them. Variety is the spice of life.


Oct 27, 2017
I'm happy for them. It was a great game and I am looking forward to what they do next.
Oct 30, 2017

This is a masterpiece of a story telling game and one of the best ever in it's kind :D

Congrats David and QD and SONY :-)


Mostly Positive
Oct 25, 2017
Norway but living in France
Well deserved. Their best game without doubt. Really enjoyed my time with it from start to end.
Must be nice to have new a 'foundation' to base their future success on instead of pointing all the way back to Heavy Rain.


Oct 25, 2017
So it's at least off to a better start than Heavy Rain, but one would hope so given the somewhat lethargic nature of the PS3 last generation. Even still, Heavy Rain was something of a breakout hit so surpassing it is still something.
Heavy Rain sold over 5 million copies as of this year, and was a real long seller, so we'll see if Detroit has what it takes to maintain the sales momentum over time. Could even extend to PS5 if they port it:
Heavy Rain outsold all Xbox 360 games in Europe during the first fifteen weeks of 2010, ranking it number ten in console software sales in that region.[62]By August 2013, the game had sold three million copies,[63]which rose to 4.5 in 2017 and 5.3 in 2018 in collective sales across both platforms.


Oct 25, 2017
Le Bombe de le Monde

David de Gruttola haters in the media say not to read too much into it


Oct 26, 2017

I haven't finished it yet, but if the quality doesn't drop in the end, I can easily see this as my GOTY and above GoW.

Well deserved QD and Cage.

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Oct 25, 2017
I haven't bought it yet since I'm too busy with work right now (and Dark Soul Remastered, ahem...) but it's good to see a French studio succeed even though I'm not a huge fan of David Cage myself. But QD is larger than just Cage so good for them.