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Devil May Cry 5 domain registered (Resident Evil 2 domain updated + more)


Oct 25, 2017
First of all , credits go to The Palemoon from DMC Discord server for his findings, i am merely going to put what he discovered here.

So as the title says, devilmaycry5.com domain was recently registered, on 2018-05-18 to be exact, indicating that it will soon be revealed

Now that in itself don't mean a thing, as anyone could buy a domain, so let's look at the registrar:


It is a legitimate internet provider company in Japan, that in itself doesn't tell us much,does this company have any relation to Capcom sites?

well, it turns out it actually have!




as you can see above , this company is responsible for registering domains of recent capcom games , all of them registered shortly before their official reveal.

What's also interesting is that RE2 domain was recently updated, indicating that the REmake 2 will be soon unveiled as well, possibly at this E3?

BTW When you try to enter this site it gives you this amusing message

but also have capcom logo on the top.


Just a small note about the ResidentEvil2.com domain, it has displayed the "OK" message since at least as far back as May 2017:


I mean I think we're about due for an unveiling, but just thought that's worth noting.
So...there you have it

The dedicated nameservers for "devilmaycry5.com" were configured 10 days prior to E3, on June 1. That's a pretty major detail right there. Lines up perfectly with an announcement.
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Dec 1, 2017
If this actually happens...has this ever happened before?

Like, has a series had a reboot then gone "Actually, fuck it" and gone back to the original timeline?