1. Dullahan

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    Damn forgot about that, and it's one of my favorite games of the year.
  2. Zippo


    So Mega Man 11, Monster Hunter, DMCV and RE2Remake, that's a pretty alright E3 in my book.
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    If anyone wants an invite to dmc discord here it is.

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  4. Adamska


    Eh, I like my chances so far. I mean, whether it's DMC5 or DmC2, it's still the fifth game in the series. And it's not like there are dedicated websites for DMC1, 2, 3 or DmC, the games' pages are either under the devilmaycry.com URL (such as http://www.devilmaycry.com/dmcde/) or under Capcom's page (like http://www.capcom.co.jp/devil4se/). So, yeah, the registration of a website called devilmaycry5.com doesn't say much to me, and doesn't even line up with the leak (which mentions the game being called Devil May Cry V, not 5).

    Edit: striked through something that's actually not true, since it'd be the sixth title counting 1 through 4 and adding DmC.
  5. Uh oh.......
  6. XDevil666


    I find it very hard to believe that the domain’s devilmaycry5.com wasn’t registered many years ago along with 6/7/8/9/10 etc

    How you all believe this blows my mind
  7. JigglesBunny


    And there the fuck it is, we’re eatin’ boys and girls!

    Ready to scream my damn head off in the theater when the trailer inevitably pops up during the Sony conference.


    I am confused whether to be excited about DMC5 or RE2 or Deep Down (being still alive). So great. :D
  9. Ohhhhhhhh wow that’s hype indeed. DMC4 was the shit, hopefully they don’t completely sideline nero or anything, I liked him tbh
  10. Masagiwa


    O M G. I wake up and read this, It's happening people!
  11. White Wolf

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  12. Gamer17


    If they don't announce it at E3 , this site will riot haha
  13. silva1991


    Is it finally happening?
  14. Blade30


    It begins.
  15. KZXcellent


    It's more than just uncovering the domain though.


    Capcom could reveal DMC5 and he still would have his doubts.
  16. Adamska


    Look, once the fat lady sings then that's it (i.e., DmC2 comes after DMC5). I don't think I posted anything unreasonable either, simply pointed out how Capcom structured their DMC websites so far.
  17. 24thWard


    If we are actually getting both DMC5 and REmake 2 at E3 oh man oh boy
  18. TheEnd


    Dante should get a Leon RPD costume in DMC5 yo
  19. Kuraudo


    Capcom currently hold the domain for residentevil7.com and maintain it as a separate site from the main Resi site, but own very few of the domains for older games (the older ones they do own just redirect to residentevil.com). It’s pretty standard for them to maintain a separate site for new titles before eventually letting those sites die. If/when DMC5 does happen, there will almost certainly be a site dedicated to it.

    Also, Resi 7 is officially stylised with VII but domain uses 7 rather than roman numerals.
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  21. foxuzamaki


    I always find it weird how this stuff is just public for people when its not technically meant to exist yet
  22. Hayeya


    Sony E3 conference:

    Presenter: Our conference will be short this time, we will only show 2 trailers (Fans start booing and throwing stuff), please remain calm cause the time has come:

    - Trailer #1: Devil May Cry 5, Console exclusive to PS4
    - Trailer #2: Resident Evil 2 Remake, Console exclusive to PS4

    Presenter: Yeah, in case you were wondering, we bought CAPCOM, take that E3 2015, Drops MIC.
  23. red731


    Oh yea, this pleases me greatly.
  24. MatrixMan.exe


  25. Zombie Fred

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    Time to get hype boys and girls!
  26. eso76


    DmcV and RE2 would be one hell of a 1-2 combo.
  27. Kuraudo


    What if DMC5 is RE2? Dante gets his own scenario. Have a running joke where people keep mistaking him for Spencer’s son.
  28. dante must die this holiday season!
  29. MatrixMan.exe


    It's honestly quite boring at this point, although the whining is mostly coming from people who feel that Capcom is treating Switch owners unjustly.
  30. Dust


    I won't believe it untill I see the trailer.
  31. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I

    Not going to happen... and nobody should hope for console exclusivity...
  32. Retroarnold


    It's happening.

    This E3 we're going to see DMC5 and (finally) RE2 Remake footage. Hopefully both get 2019 dates as well.

    Not long to go now. Hype levels rising.
  33. This honestly isn't that great of an argument.

    First, game companies and entertainment companies in general are known to register separate domains for larger games in a series, especially when these days SEO is a major part of marketing your site. Resident Evil 7 received its own domain of residentevil7.com even with a site for the series that is similar to the one used for DMC.

    And on the topic of numerals, Resident Evil 7 is written Resident Evil VII, yet the domain is residentevil7.com and not residentevilvii.com. It doesn't make as much sense to write the Roman numerals in a domain name then it does the site title itself.

    Plus, if someone were to register the DMC5 and equivalent domains, they'd need to be in Japan where they could purchase a domain from Onamae, as well as have hosting purchased for the DMC5 domain, which is now on its own dedicated nameservers used in other recent Capcom title sites. The domain moved on to nameservers on June 1, which is 10 days before E3.

    I should also note that GMO is typically used by these developers. Atlus uses GMO for their domains, and they broke precedent by using a dedicated domain for P5 in Japan, which is now the norm for most Atlus games there.

    EDIT: I should also mention that the previous Capcom sites all use the same nameservers. The only thing different right now is that they are not using any IP right now for the DMC5 domain. It is currently on the nameservers with no IP, probably due to early configuration.
  34. This is a bad post.
  35. Codosbuya


  36. Hayeya


    I think that the "WE bought CAPCOM" notion shows that my post was a Sarcasmic one.
  37. BBboy20


    I have to ask: did this all started because, like Crash Bandicoot, people were clamoring for one, the clamoring started building up, and then grew exponentially when rumors started spreading across the net?
  38. Dalik


    Vergil is fucking hot irl too
  39. Ciphyde


    PS4 conference is going to be the goat if this is announced as an exclusive
  40. Dalik


    Can we stop wishing for exclusive people???
  41. Blade Wolf

    Blade Wolf

  42. Rezon


  43. He’s also the red quantum power ranger from 2001’s power rangers time force.
  44. TheEnd


    When was the last time Capcom dropped two nuclear AAA reveals at E3?.. I get a bad feeling that either RE2make or DMC5's reveal will be delayed, it's most likely gonna be former if it'll happen, since they already delayed the latter's reveal.
  45. Imran


    How can I enjoy a game if people who don't think the exact same things as I do are also playing

    Next you'll be telling me people who own a Switch might get the DMC Collection or something and then I'll just have to quit gaming forever
  46. Blade Wolf

    Blade Wolf

  47. Wasn't a fan of most of the 'Main Series' DMC. The first was decent, and I enjoyed the third game whilst admittedly not giving 4 much of a chance. I did enjoy DmC though and thought it was certainly a better game than the unfortunate DMC2. I'm hoping this game doesn't completely abandon some of the positive elements of DmC but rather coalesces them with the things people love about the main series. There aren't enough character action games anymore so whatever this is I'll probably enjoy it. I very much expect more plot in this game though, like Sony recognising adding more plot and character development to GoW to cater to the European market where combo-based action games don't often do well. Add to that there hasn't been a game in the mainline series in a decade and I expect many gameplay mechanics and the style of the game to be 'soft rebooted.

    Other than that RE2 is one of the games I am most excited for, so hopefully we get a big blowout for it at E3, the leaks and website registration seem to indicate something is cooking though.
  48. I mean, Eric/the Red Quantum Ranger and Vergil pretty much have the same personality anyway. One of the most entertaining parts for me whenever I go back to rewatch Time Force is seeing what feels like Daniel Southworth's audition tape for Vergil in DMC3.

  49. Trickster


  50. Oh I’m sure Capcom saw plenty of time force clips to consider him. For a kids show, the acting in time force was pretty good. Wes and his dad were always good parts of the show.