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Devil May Cry 5 - V Gameplay Reveal (XB1 Demo out now; Online co-op confirmed)

Oct 25, 2017

New trailer showcasing V’s demon-summoning style gameplay. Gamescom Nero demo is coming tomorrow exclusively on Xbox One, plus Bloody Palace confirmed as free DLC later in April.

EDIT3: Console multiplat demo confirmed (No PC):

EDIT2: Online co-op, called “Cameo System”, is confirmed!

The game is primarily a single player experience, but director Itsuno-san and the team really wanted to tell an epic story with three distinct perspectives and play-styles, where the main protagonists run into each other and collaborate from time to time. So to make that a reality, they’ve implemented a system where, while connected to the Internet, players will make guest cameo appearances in each other’s games in real time, or through ghost data gameplay recordings. Depending on the mission, you’ll see another player in the background, but in other cases, you’ll actually be slicing and dicing demons side-by-side with another players!
EDIT: Demo out now!


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Oct 25, 2017
V’s playstyle is interesting but I dunno if I will really like it, seeing all three characters in action in the same area makes me excited for multiplayer at least.

and of course, V’s hair can turn white as well.