Devil May Cry HD: New Screenshots

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by JumpCancel, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. JumpCancel

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    Taken from site



    I for one am ready to rock; Abandon all hope if old.
  2. Sir Guts

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    I don’t know if the images are in bad quality or they didn’t nail the HD. Looks odd somehow
  3. Ishiro

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    Devil May Cry, 5 screenshots
  4. Mediking

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    Totally forgot this game was coming.
  5. SnakeyHips

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    Those fonts. Awwww yeeee. As long as 3 looks and plays fine, I'm happy.
  6. Cinemikel

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    Looks... bad? Like still not even HD?
  7. Iva Demilcol

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    Are they going to re-release this on ps4/XB1 and I missed the announcement?
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    They retouched the textures for the PS3 version, but couldn't be bothered to retouch them again for this ps4 release.
    Won't be surprised if the Kalina Ann glitch is still in too.

    This version gets a hard pass from me. I hope they aren't using these sales to judge DMC5.
  9. JumpCancel

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    PS4, Xbox and PC. Now no one has an excuse to not play the originator of stylish action.
  10. Joseki

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    PS2 level graphics bumped to 1080p, nothing more than that.

    Switch only users still have an excuse lol
  11. Anime_Lamp

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    It's a direct port of the remaster.
    It's a direct port of the ps3/360 remaster. So, if you wanna see what they look like, lookup a gameplay trailer.
  12. Coolwhip

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    Looks a bit LD.
  13. Stygr

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    No problems.

    PC modders will do the job, gimme style switcher and texture mods.
  14. KainXVIII

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    56k modem friendly screenshots?
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    That’s DMC alright. Which is just fine.
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    CAPCOM could've pick a better screenshots for DMC2, but this...
  18. Lurkyseas

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    Dammit, Capcom. How lazy can you be?

    I was looking forward to getting this, too, as I already have the remaster on Xbox 360.
  19. Phonomezer

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    Well dmc2 is the black sheep of the franchise (DmC notwithstanding). The less seen of 2 the better.
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    This ain't got shit on the Street Fighter 30th Anniversity Collection JP release controversy.
  22. Aztorian

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    Can't wait to finally play my most favorite skate game again!
  23. Chumley

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    Jesus, this looks like trash. I know these games are old but I don't remember them looking even close to this bad.

    edit: Ok, so they just upscaled the PS2 graphics to 1080p and called it a day. That would explain why.
  24. JumpCancel

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    Switch would require more work from the devs to cater to the architecture and scalability for portable mode. Come on now.
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    Not sure but this is probably just the old PS3 remastered set being put on PS4. Not to mention these games are getting up there in age. The first one close to 17 years old.
  26. Theodran

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    Yep, from the website:

  27. Datajoy

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    Looks pretty low-effort tbh.
  28. pa22word

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    Getting feels in those DMC1 screens.

    Probably my favorite entry despite DMC3 and 4 clearly outclassing it. Probably just nostalgia talking, but there's a certain feel of the game and it's gothic artstyle just isn't really repeated again.
  29. MeltedDreams

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    well, at least they mention it...

    This thing won't sell good at all.
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  31. Shredderi

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    Damn, looks really rough.
  32. Rmagnus

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    What has that gotta do with the point he is making?
    Looks rough tbh I think I will pass
  33. LoyalPhoenix

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    wow that still looks dated af
  34. Rotimi

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    Looks rough men. What's the price?
  35. Timewarp

    Timewarp Member

    I was looking forward to the HD collection, but those shots are off-putting.
  36. SJRB

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    I don't know if I'm just spoiled with the quality of HD ports and remasters lately, because this looks terrible.
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    So, Kalina Ann glitch confirmed still in. At the very least, PC Modders can finally have a proper crack at this.
  38. b00_thegh0st

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    I'm so glad I'll finally be able to play these in handheld form. Thank you Cacpcom.
  39. Atolm

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    Hopefully modders can do something with the horrible menus.
  40. KillLaCam

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    It looks like they just increased the render resolution but kept the old textures
  41. Markitron

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    Can you buy them separately? I assume not, DMC3 is the only one I want to play as I missed it the first time around.
  42. Aztorian

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    Just the Collection afaik, but it won't be full priced.. right?
  43. JumpCancel

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    The point he made was that it's not available for Switch. You shouldn't expect every game to be ported to a console that doesn't conform the the standardized design and architecture of the other consoles in the market.

    My point about availability to those who have yet to try Devil May Cry still stands. It's available on PS3, 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you're in the major minority who owns a switch and none of these other platforms then yes, you'll miss out. If you honestly wanted to play DMC I'm certain you'd have got hold of a means to play it by now.
  44. Notaskwid

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    I think they just sold me the ps3 version on sale on European PSN for 5 euros right now.
  45. red731

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    This is like gaming shots from 20 years old bad.
  46. pswii60

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    I still can't believe this is only 1080p. Especially when we have Ninja Gaiden Black running perfectly and looking absolutely stunning at native 4K on X, and that isn't even a remaster.

    There's no excuse.
  47. Notaskwid

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    And PS2.
  48. Rmagnus

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    You made his point for him, you were the one who came out with no one has the excuse and he came out with one and somehow you feel you needed to respond with come on now? Why it's not a valid reason ?
  49. Heath V

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    Doesn't look too good from the screenshots posted.
  50. Cyborg

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    Uhmm expected much more .....looks realy bad.