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Diablo 3: Eternal Collection (Nintendo Switch Release) |OT| Stay a while, and listen...

Oct 27, 2017
Picked this up for Switch the other week, and -- wow -- I'm really impressed by how Blizzard has improved/fixed the game since 2012.

I rolled a crusader, and I'm tearing through rifts with a hammer build.
Oct 26, 2017
I never expected to like this game that much. After the first week I was bummed out that I had spent 60 bucks on it, but now I've clocked over 120 hours in it, I am glad I did. I can see how people dump thousands of hours into this game.
Oct 25, 2017
Anyone interested helping me power level my season character later? He’s currently in the 50s. I couldn’t play the last week because of lack of internet access .
Nov 1, 2017
Hi guys! Damn I didn’t know we had a Switch specific OT and searching Diablo Switch didn’t bring this up, super weird!

Anyway, these past 2 days I’ve been getting some nasty game-breaking bugs and I don’t know if it’s the game, my Switch (unlikely since all the other games seem fine and the A button bug where it worked as an attack but not to pick up loot) or something else. Never encountered a bug till yesterday, then (Seasons mode) in just 1 hour first I had my character who couldn’t use B and Y attacks (if I pressed them my char would just get stuck and not move unless I released the button(s) and A would work but not to pick up items... I had 2 legendaries drop and couldn’t freakin pick ‘em up or do anything else really... I had to exit the game and lost all the loot on the floor ffs.
Then after loading the game again (and noticing I was back in Tristam and not on the crypt with the loot I couldn’t pick up before), at the first enemies fight I noticed that my char would auto-walk up to the enemies with me just pressing the attack buttons and not the analog stick, like there was some kind of auto-pilot setting enabled.

Dunno what to do because I hated loosing the good loot I had earned after an hard ass fight and if it happens again I’m afraid I might even shelve the game for good.

Did anyone else experience or know about something similar?
Oct 29, 2017
Just picked this up since I saw it was discounted to $40 on Amazon. I previously played it on PS3 and thought it was a fun little game. I had a Monk that I had gotten to the Paragon levels but I didn't really stick with it.

Man I don't know what Blizzard has done between then and now but I'm really digging this game a lot and can see myself getting seriously invested in it. Maybe it's the portable nature and being able to pick it up and play it anywhere, but I'm hooked. Currently playing a Crusader and working my way through the campaign. I've read everyone plays Adventure Mode but I do want to go through the campaign and enjoy the story at least once before focusing on max-min stuff.

Is there an Era clan or a way to connect with players online once I beat the campaign and want to do some co-op?