Did E3 sell/unsell you on any games?


Apr 30, 2019
Sold: Astral Chain, Jedi Fallen Order, and FFVII

Unsold: Not really unsold since E3 isn't always a good representation of a finished product but Avengers definitely deflated some of my hype. Hopefully they delay it to polish the game up


Oct 28, 2017
Unsold: Squares Avengers game, looks far to generic and quicktimey based from impressions.

Sold: Watch dogs legion. London looks cool and the switching people mechanic is interesting and seems to have been done well.
Astral Chain as well, was mostly sold before but the E3 impressions and videos made it sound a top tier platinum game.


Nov 3, 2017
Sold: Watch Dogs Legion, Final Fantasy VII remake

Unsold: Avengers. An original story not having anything to do with the MCU but using the same heroes but they're not voiced by the actors? I mean yall had one job here. Take the movie series that makes infinite money and make a game out of it. Pay the fuck up and get Robert Downey Jr to voice Iron Man. I don't really want to play a weird spin-off series after being so blown away by the movies.


Oct 30, 2017
Ultimate Alliance 3 - Was initially happy at the reveal but seen the graphic style and characters and was like "ehhh I dunno." The graphics grew on me and they showed/announced FAR more characters than I expected so now I'm fully on board
Cyberpunk - Looked okay at the initial reveal but I'm not big on shooters. E3 2019 just....did something for me.
Link's Awakening Remake - Had always been in my top 3 Zeldas. Gone buy and play the shit out of this.
Final Fantasy VII Remake - I was on board since the reveal so this is a no brainer, 1st Class Soldier Edition preordered and everythang. So far they literally have not shown ANYTHING I didn't like....like this hoe looks perfect as it stands. Please don't fuck this momentum up, Square. I'm not even tripping over the lack of information regarding the episodic/sequel nature...just release this shit already lol
Breath of the Wild 2: BOTW probably my favorite Zelda, and more of that is just alright with me

Marvel's Avengers: The characters just look too generic to say they "aren't going for the MCU feel but they are" weird aesthetic they got going on. No real gameplay yet so I'm still on the fence about that too. So far, its gonna be a no from me dawg


Watch Dogs 3: I will say I'm not a fan of the setting but the whole permadeath/NPC switching thing might be dope, so I'm gone watch it with cautious optimism
Gods and Monsters: Greek mythology is always pretty dope in my book, marry that with a BOTW kinda setting...then sure I'll check it out perhaps
Pokemon Sword and Shield: Last time I seriously played a mainline Pokemon game was Yellow...so I'm considering getting back into the fold now its on a legit home console.
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Oct 25, 2017
After the hype that PS4 Spiderman was and that CG trailer teaser of the Avengers game back in 2017(?), I got disappointed with Avengers reveal, I dunno, it just looks unpolished and not really interesting. If I've never saw infos about the game and only saw the trailer, I would've thought the game was linear and on-rails as fuck.

They could at least showed some gameplay of you flying around San Fransciso as Iron Man, akin to Spiderman webbin through NYC in PS4's Spiderman, that alone would already get me hype. What they showed just screams generic and on-rails, two things that I for sure do not want after Spiderman showed how fun an super-hero + open world combination can be.