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Disney brings back James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Oct 28, 2017
This is the right choice. What he said wasn't ok but its clear the person he is today isn't the same person he was back then and the alt right shouldn't be allowed to tarnish the career of an ally who made mistakes over 10 years ago.
Oct 26, 2017
Honestly, i'm pretty sure Disney did the math and realised that besides GOTG3 being a sure fire hit that will net them hundreds of millions again anyway, this move will actually make THEM look good now as well, kind of like how a just King would show mercy to one of their subjects and be lauded for that...
Oct 25, 2017
Liverpool, UK
The jokes were tasteless but they were try hard shock jokes, from another time in his life. With no subsequent pattern of behaviour in the subsequent years, they date from a time that predated his films for Disney that were perfectly wholesome, carry positive messages about friendship and family and redemption, and earned the mouse over a billion dollars. Fuck the alt reich scum. Some of the people who 'outed' the jokes have said equally reprehensible things and haven't offered anything approaching apologies for their own actions, they even tried to warp the meaning of some tweets to try and slander him as an actual pedophile. Disney jumped the gun in firing him in the first place, but given their brand the reaction was more than understandable. Good on them for considering the broader circumstances and having the guts to rehire him. It'll be a better film for his involvement, he'll get to finish what he started. I know I'll certainly go to the theatre with greater confidence and I'm happy fascist shitheels have lost a scalp. I wouldn't blame him if he never gets involved with twitter and the Trumpsphere ever again though.

Providing this is true, I'm happy for him, happy for the cast and I can't wait for the film. The first film was my first date with my girlfriend and the gotg films have moved me much more than some of the other cape films have. There's heart in them and I hope the third has even more.

I never felt that mistakes made on the internet should condemn people professionally for life, but of course intent, character and a sense of remorse or regret are things that matter. That's what separates the likes of Gunn from Roseanne Barr. Some people are obnoxious or stupid on the internet from a place of stubborn, unapologetic hatred.
May 11, 2018
That's not wrong. I had some dates out of sorts in my head a bit.

I still think November 2021 is possible but May 2022 is more likely I suppose. Definitely not 2023.
That's not that far, but that's only IF SS starts this year, and with Batman confirmed to start this year I don't see it
Oct 31, 2017
So the crazy/ironic thing is that the people who outed him (his ancient transgressions) got him multiple high profile gigs, instead of just in one. They doubled his influence! Four Gunns!
Are you really surprised? Hollywood protects its own. Even if they are pedophiles.
Take that alt-right haters.

Also I bet nobody wanted to touch that movie. Didn’t the director of Thor say guardians 3 was Gunn’s baby and it would be weird to direct that film? I bet so many directors feel that way.
I bet Taika and others already knew this months ago but were sworn to secrecy.

Taika said he was never asked. And if JG had already been rehired, why would he have been. 😉