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Disney brings back James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Oct 25, 2017
Good. It was so stupid that they fired him.
I think Disney's policy is "as long as you don't repeat your stupid stuff from the past, you're good to go". They knew full well of those tasteless tweets and still hired hm, and Gunn kept his nose clean. The most controversial he got was opposing Trump, and that's only controversial to insecure shitheads.

Speaking of the leader of insecure shitheads...
Well, on Twitter they say, that Mike Cernovich's small dick shrunk three sizes that day
Oct 28, 2017
WTF????!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!! This is not news I was ever expecting to hear, or maybe a tiny chance in a year or two once things had died down... That's amazing!!!
Oct 28, 2017
Good shit. Gunn was nothing but classy and apologized repeatedly over the course of 5 years. I believe he's improved as a person and should be taken as a standard on how to conduct yourself when making amends for bad mistakes.

yo so he got fired, go the job for Suicide Squad 2 and then got the job back for Guardians 3.

Dude is fuckin ballin now lmao
Yeah what's cool is DC and Marvel fans both get movies out of this. Plus Gunn's indie stuff.