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Disney brings back James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Oct 27, 2017
Wow! Thank you Dave :)

This is a completely unexpected turn of events at this point, but it's seriously good that it happened for everyone involved. After setting one of the worst precedents in the industry, Disney somehow course corrected and sets a pretty good one with his re-hireing.

I'm looking forward to Gunns end to his trilogy and hopefully he's able to influence the cosmic side of the MCU going forward.
Thinking on this a bit more the whole situation was ridiculous. Sure James picked up another job with DC/WB but it's thrown out all of Marvel/Disney's plans they had going and set them back only to then get him back later on when they could have just kept him and stayed the course (where I think they would be currently filming GOTG3) and not reacted to a bunch of fake outrage in the first place.

Now they have to wait until he's finished doing whatever he signed up for in the period they got rid of him, making GOTG3 delayed from what the original plans were if they didn't react so stupidly about it all.
Oct 25, 2017
This is *probably* the right decision.

Alt-right hit job or not, the remarks he made were pretty abhorrent. I'd bet Fox News would be all over it had their parent company just not sold most everything to Disney. I hope no one has anything more lying in wait for this moment.

However, reading the Deadline report, his contrition was also very on point and very human. I sincerely hope this is the beginning of the end of outright cancel culture, and we'll lay the pitchforks down for a moment and understand most people who do stupid things in the past typically don't have the same level of stupidity in them in the present.
Like his comments were pretty well-known and he'd apologized for them multiple times in the past and obviously Disney knew about them when they hired him, so nothing about the whole deal ever felt like anything but the most transparently manufactured hit job in the world.

I mean obviously someone apologizing does not mean anyone has to forgive but idk.
Oct 25, 2017
Do you have any decade old mistakes you'd like to reveal for us so that we can judge you and screw with your livelihood as though you're exactly the same person, and no amount of personal growth or sincere apologies matter at all? Grow up.
You're right. Admitting you've made a mistake and correcting is a pointless endeavor that only shows weakness--Weird how this sarcastic sentences applies to Gunn and Disney now.

Sure 🙄
Oct 30, 2017
I’m sorry, but until you reveal some of those past mistakes I can’t tar and feather you as a terrible person and out you to your employer, omitting all the years of your life since.

Have you ever said a racist, sexist, homophobic, or small minded thing that you would never utter today? I'm going to need to know all about that stuff so I can berate you for it.

It would also help if you would insult a politician I like, so I have a good motive to get revenge. Um, I mean, the do the public a service by revealing your true self (from the past).
Oct 27, 2017
I had a feeling this would happen. Being fired for making jokes in poor taste years ago was a silly reason to let go of a creative type, and Disney was rightly criticized for it. If they didn't set things right it would have possibly dissuaded others from working with them in the future (as well as being the company that fired a beloved director at the behest of alt-right trolls and those prone to be outraged by everything).
Oct 25, 2017

I do wonder what prompted Disney to do this, though. Or maybe they’d already planned to hire him back once the “scandal” blew over?
Replacing him was always a doomed endeavor. No other MCU property is intrinsically linked to its director the way GOTG is to Gunn, they're his passion project and it shows, in the tone, style, humour, etc. Others like Thor had different directors, writers (and a wildly different take in its third film), Cap was reinvented in his second film and kind of taken ownership of by the Russos (though Markus/McFeely wrote his whole trilogy), and so on. If you dropped Peyton Reed from an Ant-Man 3, that wouldn't really be a problem even though he did a good job and all with the first two. Other directors leave their stamps on their MCU but GOTG was different. Especially Vol. 2, that film clearly had so much of Gunn's personal passion poured into it.

A third film with another director, trying probably to imitate Gunn's style, would be doomed from the beginning and everyone knew it. Even if they went ahead with it, they'd go through the motions knowing this won't be the complete trilogy it was shaping up to be and would inevitably be mixed in reception. It's not like Thor where you could lurch off into a brand new take in the third film either, after the first two were meddling and lacking a spark.

In short I imagine they always wanted to keep him, or bring him back later if the whole thing blew over enough.