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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia |OT| 3D Gacha--wait, come back!


Oct 25, 2017
My artifacts luck s*ck though, I spent 6k gold Eidoja tokens on Emperor and no 108/C50** nor even 108/330
I have 800 pots so I guess in addition to farming the event, to the WoI I go ~

Curious to know who'll be our 2nd Global first, I missed on Beatrix and regretted it, one more week to know!


Oct 26, 2017
Should be! It’ll be advertised sooner or later anyway, so stay tuned!

Also, I spent 40,000 Gems trying and got Firion, ran out of gems and tried some ticket pulls for luck and got Emperor’s weapon! Hooray! Now I’m gonna outfit him and set him as my support, as he is stupid powerful as a support. I’ll go back to Setzer again if it helps!

Now to try to grind Brothers once it comes out tomorrow to get enough tickets to pull the new character!
Brothers doesn't start for another 3+ days.


Nov 7, 2017
Brothers doesn't start for another 3+ days.
Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. I’ll do the events then! And grind up some good artifacts for my Liege over here! Remember, when a character’s banner is up, they get double EXP, which also counts as double Summon Board Points!

Get your Emperor his due while the banner is up, if you got him!