Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia |OT| 3D Gacha--wait, come back!

It’s official lol since you’ve came to OO the game has been treating you so well haha. Wow.... I did 50 tickets for Rem’s Ex (it’s not worth using gems for) and only got Seven’s 35cp. I was happy with that though. I’m gonna be skipping Kain’s Banner. Nothing against Kain and in fact he’s very likeable .... but he’s not in my favourites haha.

It’s hoarding season for me now lol.

Ya, I have been very lucky. I have 11 EX now. I really wanted Rem's since I have her MLB everything but I threw 10k gems at it, and some tickets, and didn't get much of anything. In fact. The second pull was the first time in this game I've had a pull where every single item was a dupe. It was a crappy feeling.

Edit: And by dupe, I mean, a 5th copy or whatever.
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Oct 25, 2017
Kain is a pretty easy carry with Layle and Cait. The boss is stupidly weak to wind and Layle has synergy.

You bring another Layle to replace Kain and the boss can't even do anything because of Energy Gain continually pushing their 1st turn.