DMC5 Data Mining Finds (Heavy Spoilers inside)

Oct 25, 2017
Taking a look inside the DMC5 .exe reveals

Multiplayer Bloody Palace
Vergil Playable character (likely in BP)

Dec 26, 2018
Update, DLC, it's essentially the same thing if it's free, which it likely is, at least for Bloody Palace.

Would be weird if they ask people to pay up for Vergil that doesn't even get his own missions. (I know, 3SE/4SE, that's a bit different).
Oct 25, 2017
I really hope multiplayer Bloody Palace is a thing. Playing mission 13 with real people is already amazing with the options at your disposal. Someone using V setting up explosions while you play as Dante and air trick up to continue combos is HOT.

Playable Vergil would be great too. I never really played him a ton before but I imagine he’ll feel great in this if Dante is anything to go by.
I did some more digging and Vergil has a few more strings in common with the trio ([Character]Compare and [Character]Data) but he's missing a few like [Character]WeaponSet and [Character]SkillCommand, so I imagine those'll come later.
Nov 3, 2017
Vergil better get a campaign as well. It wouldn’t be hard to just throw him into the levels that his moveset can complete since character select screens already exist.

Hopefully the women get playable characters too, but despite Trish being literally the best playable character they’ve ever made, Vergil needs that priority. If anything it’s almost weird he isn’t unlocked after you beat the game, if you ignore how much work that would have been.

The dream would be an alt campaign with the three of them taking the spots of the current three protags. Wouldn’t need like, a plot, just make it so each character can complete the levels they’re assigned to. Mayyyybe have a Dante final boss too but that’d be going the extra mile.