Do you also have any very specific preference in games that prevent you from enjoying games that don't cater to them?


Jun 3, 2019
I'll give you an example: I like games where treasure chests (or whatever items are stored on) are pre-determined and tailored to the progression of the game (like, if you go out of your way and explore an optional dungeon before going to the next point in the story you'll get a weapon that'll give you an advantage to the next story boss), so when a game has random loot in chests or just dump healing items, resources and random equipment in them it really hinders my experience with the game and make me less inclined to explore.

Do you have any very specific liking that can make or break a game for you?


Oct 25, 2017
i cant play games that are silent most of the time. i struggle with souls games because of this


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
No autosave/save anywhere is a massive deal breaker, it's why I dropped Ori and the Blind Forest.

Twice it set me back so damn far because I hadn't found a save spot and I just threw up my hands and uninstalled it.


The Abominable Showman
Oct 25, 2017
First person games with blank slate protagonists basically offer me nothing, so no matter how popular they are it's a very hard sell to get me invested in them.

I'm so tired of playing as a floating camera with a gun taped to it.


Nov 14, 2017
I can’t play games with overly complex HUD elements that I can’t turn off. The older I get the more I seem to get bothered by visual clutter on screen


Oct 30, 2017
If it's fun, it's fun. Controls? Don't care.
Graphics? Eh
Story? Not necessary.

Just present to me your and 9/10 I'll enjoy it.


Dec 23, 2019
I don't know if it counts but: random encounters
dropped so many games that has this bullshit mechanic

Castor Archer

Jan 8, 2019
I don't play open world games that can't be navigated without a HUD. Including quests and collectibles. So basically Breath of the Wild killed open world games for me, nothing hits those same notes for me.


Oct 20, 2018
It's a pretty weird thing, but I guess it counts. There are some games where having voice acting is a major turn-off for me, and if there's no option to disable it then I'll likely avoid the game if it's not something I really, really want to play. It mostly happens to Nintendo games to me but it can happen to other games as well.

A recent example of this would be DQXI S, which I played from start to finish with voices completely turned off and that made the game way more enjoyable to me. If I didn't have the option I likely wouldn't have played it, which would be a shame since this game is now one of my all-time favorites. And it's not like I can't enjoy games with VA, I've played plenty of them just fine.
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Oct 25, 2017
2d games that just tween animate everything and very obviously so. Not a complete dealbreaker but close.

Games with a time limit (pikmin1)


Oct 30, 2017
JRPGs, turn-based only. It’s a shame I can’t play any of the modern Final Fantasy’s because of this.
Jan 21, 2019
I despise randomly generated content. The idea of no man sky seemed so boring and the Bloodborne chalice dungeons where a joke to me. When I play a game, I want to sink into a world and nothing ruins this feeling more than knowing that a computer algorithm decided what was happening. I want every stone to have a meaning, every corner to be placed deliberately. That's why I love Souls games and can never accept anything that shuffles levels or parts of the world around for """infitine replayability""" (which to me sounds like infinite boredom).

Also first person or birds view isn't really my thing. It won't spoil my fun, but I will always prefer third person as I find it easier to connect with the character.


Oct 28, 2017
Games with european Spanish voices. I can't hear them for more than 5 minutes. I bet almost every Mexican smash bros player plays the game on English because of this.