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Do you change key bindings and sensitivity settings?

Oct 27, 2017
I try my best to make all games feel and control the same on PC. I was surprised to hear some people saying they don't change key binding and sensitivity settings because they want each game to feel different. I think making games feel and control as close to each other as possible helps with muscle memory and makes me good at all of them at the same time.

And yeah, I've seen people complain about controls, yet refuse to change them because "it's how the game was intended to control". No joke.

So how do you go about it, Era?


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Oct 25, 2017
Of course. It makes no sense to have to adapt to a control scheme that I don't enjoy/ doesn't fit me when I have the option to change it.
Oct 27, 2017
Keybindings I change because I use an MMO mouse and remap most of the crucial gameplay stuff to buttons on the mouse so I can focus on movement, hitting space, and escape on the keyboard. Camera sensitivity depends on the game; most of them feel fine enough to not need adjusting unless I'm using a controller.
May 31, 2018
Mouse sensitivity depends on the game (it's usually fine the way it is), but key bindings heck yes. I found out I'm very partial to the ESDF-setup so any first run through a game usually starts with a visit to the options screen to get rid of the usually standard WASD.

In fact, if a PC port has only partial or no key rebinding options, that's usually a far bigger minus in my book than stuff like a 30 FPS lock.

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Oct 25, 2017
Yeah. I want stuff like use, reload, melee, grenades etc. on one of my mouse buttons and I usually change the sensitivity on my mouse and not in the game settings.
Oct 27, 2017
generally i don't mess with it, giving benefit of a doubt it's set that way for a reason. fast paced FPSs i'll ususally have to muck around with though

i quit Quake Champions because i changed the layout so much. few days away from the game i'd completely forget how to do anything
Oct 27, 2017
Key bindings very rarely. I'm afraid UI wont show right symbols if I change them... on pc that is.
Maybe that's not a thing anymore but I stuck in my old ways.


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Oct 27, 2017
Every single time. Usually it's set to WASD as movement, but I'm more used to movement with my right hand and actions with my left so it doesn't work. I also don't like using the mouse if it's not explicitly needed because I'm playing with a laptop's touchpad.

Recently I was forced to use WASD being I couldn't find the option to change controls in Downwell. Definitely took some time for me to get any good at it, possibly because of that. Overall not too bad though admittedly.

Crosscode is an example where the controls really fucked me. It's made to control in a very specific way, letting you aim your ranged shot and slash with the mouse, and only using the keyboard for movement, dodging and shielding.

I tried to set it to my usual right hand movement deal, and woooooo it really fucked with me. You have to use the mouse to aim your shots, so I ended up doing this weird thing where I had to shift between close-combat and shielding on buttons with my left hand to range shots on my touchpad also with my left-hand. Needless to say I was majorly gimped not being able to shoot and dodge at the same time. Still a fun ride though.
Oct 26, 2017
Yeah i do. Some keybindings dev choose are less than ideal.

And sometimes they don't map stuff to sidebuttons on the mouse.
Nov 6, 2017
The notion of not changing your mosue sensitivity is completely crazy to me.
I once read a post on the old forum saying something along the lines of "not changing mouse sensitivity because the default settings are obviously what the developer intended for me to use", completely neglecting that the dev won't take into account what DPI your mouse is running at, what display resolution you are running, if you have mouse accell on or one of the dozens of other factors that will impact your mouse input. Not to mention that KBM input often gets treated like the red-headed step child what with forced mouse smoothing and such.
Oct 26, 2017
Yes, I make use of the Steam Input settings to ensure all my games feel right with my controller of choice. It's sometimes my favorite part of the game experience.

Same with my M/KB settings. I need my hotkeys in easy to reach areas, and for my mouse sensitivity to feel perfect.
Nov 8, 2017
I've always used a custom control set-up for FPS games on PC. I just went with what felt most natural to me when I started playing FPS on PC in the 90's; I never even tried the default "standard" set-up. The basic controls go something like this:
  • Left Mouse Button: Move forward
  • Right Mouse Button: Move backward
  • Z: Strafe Left
  • C: Strafe Right
  • X: Primary Fire
  • A: Secondary Fire
  • D: Jump
  • Left Control: Crouch
I hardly play on PC now, but I still use these controls when I do.

I think several of my family and friends used the same controls, since I got them into FPS gaming on PC. I know my brother still uses the same controls.

Even if I wanted to use the default settings, I'd still need to remap everything anyway since I use DVORAK layout, so the default mapping made for QWERTY wouldn't work on DVORAK anyway.
Oct 27, 2017
All the time. If I'm playing on controller I flip Y-Axis. If the PC game has Toggle Sprint and Toggle Aim I flip that to Hold Sprint and Hold Aim (just what I grew up with since the days of Quake and Half Life). If the game has 'ultimate abilities', I rebind to Q (I guess Overwatch set that standard for me). F is usually my melee, G for grenades. Spacebar will always be my jump button (thank you again Quake).
Oct 30, 2017
I always re-map reload to one of the buttons on my mouse. (extra buttons where my thumb is, not like... right click is reload lol) in a shooter
Oct 27, 2017

Usually the only change I make is to put crouch back onto ctrl and not C if the game is set that way. And make sure that melee attack in FPS (assuming there is one) is one of the mouse's thumb buttons, with alt-fire or toggle fire mode as the other.
Oct 26, 2017
Key bindings, almost always. In particular, I like to map left Alt to some important action, usually melee attacks in shooters. It's such an easy key to press, since its huge and right next to the spacebar, but I've never seen a game actually bind it to anything by default. Some games don't even let you remap it.

Some older/indie games also need remapping for different keyboard layouts, and a lot of 2D platformers usually come with bindings that don't really make any sense. I actually prefer to use my right hand for the most important parts of the game's controls. In platformers, that's the movement. But a lot of them don't bind that to the arrow keys (and again, some don't even let you rebind it).

Also MMO's and other games like that, where I prefer to put the most important skills around WASD instead of just using numbers.

For mouse sensitivity, if the game is made properly, the cursor should move at the same speed it does in Windows. In this case, there's no real need to change anything for me, since I prefer the cursor moving the same in any game I play. It makes it more consistent. If I wanted a different sensitivity, it would make more sense to change the DPI on my mouse.

Of course, some games also suck here. Or even do the unthinkable: enable mouse acceleration/deceleration, sometimes even with no way to turn it off.
Oct 28, 2017
Sensitivity is easy.

For non shooters I don’t change my dpi too much but it’s 1k-2k on deathadder elite or g502.

On shooters cause I’m old and believe in placebo effects I only use 400-800dpi.

In game game I set my sensitivity to basically be able to do 180 or 90 degree smooth turns with little effort. Never too fast or too slow.

I also do not ever use enhanced pointer precision. Raw input when possible.

When it comes to keybindings I tend to move stuff around and minimize bindings that are to the right of G if a game has a lot otherwise defaults usually do if it’s wasd based. I swap a lot of stuff around if it’s not my preferrred buttons. Get a decent mechanical keyboard that you like.

Take your time to tweak if it what’s you want.
Feb 6, 2018
Berlin, Germany
Rarely but when a sequel to a game I have played changes keybindings then I most of the time revert back to the original bc I got so accustomed.
An example of this would be Witcher 3's quick-access wheel.
Oct 27, 2017
Of course, the default setting are usually pretty bad.

Also there's no such thing as ''how the game was intended to control'', but there're definitely controls better suited for certain gameplay designs, such as hold to run in RE2 and Expert control in Ace Combat 7.
Oct 27, 2017
I'm a left-handed mouse user, so if a game is kb/mouse only (or controller support sucks), it damn well better allow me to rebind. Otherwise, trying to WASD with my right is nuts... jumping with my pinky on the spacebar, running/crouching with my thumb. It's madness.