Do you eat the peanut shells?

Discussion in 'EtcetEra' started by Rösti, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Rösti

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    Recently I bought a pack of these:

    Roasted peanuts with shells. I'm on a tight budget so whenever possible I do my best to not throw food away, and thus I eat the shells of peanuts (among other things such as lemons and sometimes bananas). The shell is quite good, not much flavour perhaps but easy to chew. I'm not sure about the nutritional value of the shells, but they're bound to provide some fiber at least.

    If you are presented peanuts with shells, do you eat the shell or peel the nut?
  2. shnurgleton

    shnurgleton Member

    Sometimes. High fiber diet’s good for ya m’dude
  3. Hollywood Duo

    Hollywood Duo Member

    I'm fairly certain that its not good for you to eat the shells.
  4. Hi Cutie!

    Hi Cutie! Banned Member

    sometimes, usually not
  5. vypek

    vypek Member

    I've never eaten the shell before. Didn't even know it was a thing people did.
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    No. I'm not a beast.
  7. DJ_Lae

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    I guess I can sort of see people doing that over some other items (how on earth do you choke down a banana peel?), but it still seems incredibly bizarre.

    Same with eating cupcake wrappers or shrimp skins.
  8. _Karooo

    _Karooo Member

    uhh, pretty sure you are not supposed to eat the shells but what do I know...
  9. John Kowalski

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  10. Hi Cutie!

    Hi Cutie! Banned Member

    lol wtf eating the shell is entirely safe. they salt it for a reason.
  11. Ray Wonder

    Ray Wonder Member

    I used to eat the starburst paper
  12. ReAxion

    ReAxion Member

    lords no
  13. Katsyo

    Katsyo Member

    Lick em but don't swallow em.
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    Nope. Pumpkin seeds on the other hand...
  15. whiteninja

    whiteninja Member

    If boiled yes but otherwise no.
  16. subrock

    subrock Member

    I eat sunflower seed shells, but not peanuts.
  17. Sibersk Esto

    Sibersk Esto Member

    I wasn't even aware this was possible
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    Have fun with your future gastrointestinal problems, OP.
  19. Ray Wonder

    Ray Wonder Member

    Oh dear
  20. Bakercat

    Bakercat Member

    I think sunflowers seeds is the only thing I eat the shell of.
  21. Zukuu

    Zukuu Member

    Do I look like an elephant?
  22. Reckheim

    Reckheim Member

    They salt pistachios too, you dont eat the shells.
  23. louiedog

    louiedog Member

    Compost them and let them help you grow other food to save even more money.
  24. Neopolitan

    Neopolitan Member

    What in the fuck
  25. Hi Cutie!

    Hi Cutie! Banned Member

    they salt them because the pistachio nut is exposed and gets the salt

    last I checked peanuts are in a fucking sealed shell bro
  26. Not

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  27. Mona

    Mona Member

    nah, i dont
  28. Casa

    Casa Member

    Even squirrels don't eat the shells when you throw them outside!
  29. chrisPjelly

    chrisPjelly Member

    Dude no. What the hell is up with people eating hard shit like bone marrow and apple core??
  30. Assisted Living Dracula

    Assisted Living Dracula Banned Member

    Yeah that's gonna hurt.
  31. cameron

    cameron Member

  32. astro

    astro Member

    No, because that's a really bad idea.
    Erm, bone marrow and apple core aren't hard... the marrow itself is very soft, you just crack the bone to get to it. Apple cores aren't even close...
  33. Rygar 8Bit

    Rygar 8Bit Member

    Eating peanut shells and Starburst wrappers, jesus people.
  34. Reckheim

    Reckheim Member

    ok, I stand corrected, supposedly this is a thing. WTF?
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    No but there's this old guy on my job who loves sucking on the shell, it weirds me out a little lol.
  36. Hi Cutie!

    Hi Cutie! Banned Member

    curious of anyone who is knocking it has actually tried it

    its really good and adds tons of texture

    I've seen tons of people doing it at baseball games, it really isn't weird
  37. chuseph14

    chuseph14 Member

    I didn't know we were building a community of MONSTERS
  38. snacknuts

    snacknuts Member

    Hell yes. They are garbage if you don't.
  39. Hoo-doo

    Hoo-doo Member

    Why can't you guys just be normal.
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    Peanut shells have next to no nutritional value and could cause intestinal problems over time. I mean yeah you could do it the same way you could eat shrimp tails and apple cores but why?
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    Wtf? I didn't know people did that.
  42. 1000% H

    1000% H Member

    Peanut shells are nature's cardboard.
  43. Zing

    Zing Member

    The shells aren’t salted for you to eat. They are only incidentally salted, because salting peanuts in the shell requires soaking them in salt water.

    Eating peanut shells is dangerous. You could easily have intestinal damage or a puncture. Don’t do it.
  44. Hi Cutie!

    Hi Cutie! Banned Member

    I eat shrimp tails

    in fact, if you know anything about fried seafood, you should be eating them too
  45. Bandage

    Bandage Member

    Isn't it like pure fiber and will fuck up your guts?
  46. greenbird

    greenbird Member

    That's boring tho.

    Anyway, yeah, I eat the shells. Not every one, it gets to be too much, but like every 3rd or 4th peanut usually.
  47. Billfisto

    Billfisto Member

    Hell no.

    1) Don't be a weirdo.

    2) I ate a bunch of sunflower seeds with the shells one time and it resulted in a horrible, jagged mess come expulsion time.

    3) Enjoy your pesticides!
  48. Hi Cutie!

    Hi Cutie! Banned Member

    ditto, the salt can get overwhelming but its nice to eat a whole peanut with shell to mix it up now and then

    peanuts are best when shelled, ill admit that. but they're damn good in the shell too.
  49. Hollywood Duo

    Hollywood Duo Member

    A quick internet search reveals that the shells are not digestible and can create intestinal blockages. I’m good on this one my man.
  50. Mihos

    Mihos Member

    Knowing about fried seafood means you don't eat fried seafood