Do You Ever Feel Bad for Killing Enemies in Games?

Apr 11, 2018
Lately all the time (and pretty much only in one game)! I personally can’t wait for games to advance to a place where almost every enemy can be defeated using non lethal means if you’re capable enough.

The thing that made me realise this was playing red dead 2 recently. I’m a bad guy in that game and I’m shooting police and law men. I felt bad killing those people, I mean some of them are just down and out dudes trying to make a living and they got popped in the head by some crazy gunmen running through a town blasting people.

It’s funny I never really thought about it until I played red dead. Run and gun all the time and not Care, I think it’s got something to do with the realism and detail that games can capture these days.

At some point I believe society is going to have to re look at violence in games. It’s always been ok because it’s just a game, it’s just ones and zeros when it comes down to it but as games become more and more real the violence becomes more and more confronting and more precisely simulated. I love Violence and gore in games, and maybe I’m just getting old and crotchety but I feel like MK11 takes things to far and I could not ever imagine myself saying something like that when I was younger.


Oct 25, 2017
In most games not really. The ones that have "developed" enemies are usually ones that let me hack around it by stealth/hacking/speechmaking.

The closest thing I can think of is that I used to feel bad for beating up R. Mika in Street Fighter V bc when you hit her she actively says "It hurts!"

But that went away bc she's an annoying character >:(


Nov 7, 2017
No but I sometimes feel bad for killing real people in Destiny multiplayer.

First off I know how uniquely frustrating multiplayer against humans can be. Going back to street fighter 2. People would get so mad losing in the arcades in SF2. I remember once this big kid trying to intimidate me cus I kept beating him. The more he lost the harder he'd slam his fists on the machine in anger. And I lose plenty so I know....

So if I'm having a good game and just dominating people in Destiny crucible, sometimes I feel bad. Some of those people could even be handicapped (mentally or physically) in some way. You dont know. They could be having a really bad day, and you are just beating them down.

One time in D1 I was playing rumble and I kept matching up with this particular girl (she had mz in her GT). I'm not good, but I was dominating these lobbies. I was killing her over and over, directly in 1v1 after 1v1 (I wasn't seeking her out mind you, just happened that way). I started to feel weirdly bad about it. I googled her GT, found her twitter account, she was a middle aged lady who had quite a few tweets mixed in about being depressed, things like if I dont talk to you today hope you understand, etc (I know it was her because she had tweets about Destiny too).

Yeah, really weird huh? I FELT like this person I was shooting in the game was going through something, as i killed her over and over in game, and sure enough she was.

*shrug*. Well, nothing came of it beyond that. And I haven't felt those sad feelings for my opponents in a while...