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Do you like where you live?


Jan 7, 2020
Viña del Mar, Chile.
I like it a lot, nice weather all year long, no polution, lots of green areas, everything I need is within walking distance.
Plus I have a nice view of the whole bay from my room


Oct 25, 2017
Chicago, IL
I live in Edgewater, Chicago. It's a far northside neighborhood with easy access to the red line train and the lakefront.

It's nice, though not without flaws. The pros would be:

- As noted, easy access to the lakefront. I'm two blocks from a mini beach (Lane Beach) and three from the larger Hollywood Beach (pictured above). 7-8 months out of the year, it's too cold to really use, but in those brief summer months, it's a major perk.
- Also noted, the red line has a bunch of stops (Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, Thorndale, and Granville) - I'm less than a five minute walk from a stop that cuts straight south to downtown, which makes getting to work pretty easy.
- It's a truly diverse neighborhood, which is a rarity for the north side.
- Though not in the same neighborhood, we're a short jaunt from some great areas like Andersonville and the Desi corridor on Devon Ave.
- It's a little quieter than a lot of other densely-populated areas in the city. It's got a very neighborhood-y feel.
- Quick access to Lake Shore Drive. It makes going north-south significantly less of a slog.
- It's less expensive than other north side neighborhoods with train access.

But there are cons, as well:

- Being a little quieter, you do lose a bit of that "city energy" that a lot of Chicago neighborhoods have. We moved from Logan Square where it felt like there was something going on every few blocks. There's still stuff for us to do, but we usually have to go looking for it.
- It's fucking far on the north side. We're not in the burbs, but it's a shorter (in time, not miles) drive to Evanston than it is to see my friends on the west side.
- There's a broad concern that the neighborhoods desirability will price out low-income folks.
- Parking is a true nightmare east of Broadway (where I live). It's all apartment complexes and street parking. If we get home after 9PM, unless we're super lucky, we usually have to park a few blocks away.