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Do you poop at work?

Oct 25, 2017
If i can avoid it no. People saying pooping is a pleasure don't give a fuck about loud fart shyness or exclusively work in an office because in the field with a portajon you want to avoid it like it's the plague if possible.
Oct 25, 2017
Oh my god I poop at work so much.

I work for a hospital system and I have a preferred toilet at each location. Gotta be single serving and tucked away. I used to work in a building that held hundreds of employees, but only had two bathrooms with 6 total stalls, three on each floor. At 9 o’clock, all six would be full and you’d just walk up and down the stairs hoping to catch one empty. It was brutal and there were accidents.


Oct 25, 2017
If I need to go, I will go. I'm not gonna intentionally hold it in all day. That's not good for you and really silly.
Oct 25, 2017
Same here. It's a really odd question. If you hold it all day, you will end up in pain and maybe the hospital.
I don't have to most of the time. I go in the morning. Not a coffee drinker and then maybe I'll have to when I go when I finally get home or before bed. I'm 0-2 a day pooper if I eat normal.
Oct 25, 2017
Enormous poops once a day. I only poop at home on the weekends. Once that first sip of morning coffee hits, it's time to unload.

A few guys I work with make it a point to sit in the bathroom for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes twice a day. Lazy assholes don't need that much time to shit. Need to require a doctor's note if you're in there for that long every day.
Oct 26, 2017
I try to avoid at all cost, but it happens once a month that I MUST GO.

Oh what a scary experience it is.

I potty trained myself to GO in the morning when I am still home so I don't have to go for the rest of the day.
Oct 25, 2017
Only when I'm generally confident no one else is around to use it. It's just a small bathroom with one stall and one urinal. I tend to stay later than most in the office so that's when I strike.
Dec 23, 2017
I laughed at the OP. Me personally I don’t. I think it’s pretty disgusting. The restrooms at my job is so disgusting you want to even hold your pee until you get home. PEOPLE ARE SHITTY.
Jan 19, 2018
I poop when and where I have to...

...by that I mean at work, home, friends, etc. bathrooms. Not my pants. I know you weirdos and I'm gonna cut you off before you get the chance. XD