Do you think Bungie will continue to build off Destiny 2 or create Destiny 3?

Which one

  • Destiny 2 (possibly renamed)

    Votes: 170 20.2%
  • Destiny 3

    Votes: 673 79.8%

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Oct 25, 2017
I don't know if this has been discussed, but just due to publishing itself, won't they need to move on? How would they split money made with Activision on future expansions?

When Super Destiny 2 Arcade Edition (I jest) comes out with D2 years 1-3, Activision would need a cut of all Y1&2, yes? How would that work? I would think they would want a clean break and have nothing of D1 or D2 left in because of such complications.

(I really have no clue though, so please prove me wrong if it wouldn't be an issue)


Jan 31, 2018
I will never understand why gamers continue to clamor for incremental upgrades. Games need a clean break and full fledged sequels to truly achieve their full vision. They need to take advantage of new tech and new hardware. Being tied to a dated engine which itself was tied to last gen consoles is probably the worst thing that held back Destiny. Anthem not only looks a gen ahead, it also plays a gen ahead. We have been asking for space ships in destiny for five years now and Bioware was able to give us flying without needing to get in a vehicle.

Destiny at the moment is basically a last gen game. they might have some fancy particle effects and current gen lighting but everything else about it screams last gen. they need to ditch this engine or do a complete overhaul to bring it in line with other AAA games like Battlefield, Red Dead, Anthem and all these fancy Sony exclusives.

Or just skip this gen and shoot for a next gen Destiny 3. Go Balls out. Define what a next gen shooter should be instead of letting other companies do it. They released their last full game in September 2017, that gives them 3 years to create a full fledged sequel for a next gen launch.

As good as forsaken was, it is starting to feel dated. It felt like i was playing a destiny 1 expansion. there is nothing new. the environments are samey. the structure is the same. the open world is the same. no real vehicle play. i wouldve expected larger more open levels with a lot more going on. what we got was basically identical to destiny 1. they just cant do that again.

Go nuts, if BF can do massive levels with air combat with 64 players on screen with full destruction at 60 fps THIS gen then they can do a whole lot more with Ryzen CPUs with 8 cores and 16 threads at 3.0 ghz next gen. Give me massive numbers of enemies on screen at once. Get rid of partols areas and make it a seemless open world that i can fly around in. they can keep raids small for design decisions but the rest go nuts. Take inspiration from that Halo 2 E3 demo. DICE will never create a decent single player or coop game. Epic isnt even trying anymore. Sony has killed all KZ, MAG, Resistance, SOCOM and Warhawk. Ubisoft is making boring ubisoft shooters. 343i hasnt made a great game in 9 years. It's up to Bungie to leave this dated Destiny 2 engine behind and really innovate.
If you expect Anthem to play better than destiny wooboy you’re going to be disappointed. And I have anthem preordered.


Oct 25, 2017
Yeah it's almost as if the "haters" want the game to be fun. Unthinkable right?
Again, bullshit. If you wanted the game to be fun, you would acknowledge it, not make dishonest out of nowhere accusations.

What you said was patently and utterly false. So no, you are totally disingenuous and don't think you look at all like you honestly, truly care about the game if that's what you're fine with stooping to.


Oct 27, 2017
The best course of action would be using Destiny 3 as a reboot point (you know, exactly what they planned on doing with Destiny 2) and reinvent the series. Go the total opposite direction and scale it back, something ACTUALLY akin to a mix of Borderlands mixed with Halo but without the MMO-esque grind more of a focus on well designed levels, open but focused combat spaces and lack of a hub world type thing. Reincorporate vehicles, a focused narrative with engaging characters and bring back the core “30 seconds of fun” rule that made Bungie games work so well nearly a decade ago.

Work on wide open levels similar to the size of the first level on the Halo ring and focus everything in with a four player co-op focus. Take away stuff like The Crucible which, frankly, has been junk from the jump and always played second fiddle to the main game. I don’t know, I think a smaller and more focused approach would help Bungie focus on delivering high quality content with greater frequency and would make the game more accessible for newcomers while maintaining the depth that the hardcore players enjoy.

In any event, I hope whatever comes next looks at Destiny and Destiny 2 and says “yeah, let’s not do that again.”

Bold One

Oct 30, 2017
Cross play for PVE across all platforms (PVP crossplay for XBOX and PS)

Cross save for all platforms

Get the Switch in there


Dec 6, 2017
Cross play for PVE across all platforms (PVP crossplay for XBOX and PS)

Cross save for all platforms

Get the Switch in there
I'd be so on this, if it weren't for the port of Warframe to Switch. The game felt super sluggish, and I'd be worried that'd be the case for Destiny as well. But I'd definitely give it a shot.


Oct 26, 2017
I am expecting a D3 with the same formula as Forsaken (content, gameplay, mechanics).
This will keep the current fanbase happy and maybe draw in some new players. This will provide them a base income for the studio.

However, we know they are working on 1 other new IP, so I am expecting more from them in that direction in order to grow as a studio and sustain independency.


Oct 25, 2017
D2 has a terrible stigma attached to it, worse than D1 even. They will try to start over again with D3.


Oct 25, 2017
Going to be Destiny 3 if they stick with that franchise or have the investment from the Chinese company for it.

If not maybe some new IP.