1. Laplasakos

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    During holidays i managed to play and finish both Wolfenstein 2 and The Evil Within 2. I was a big fan of the first games, having finished both multiple times in all difficulty levels so i was pretty hyped for the sequels. And both delivered (especially TEW2) but i won't talk here about my impressions from the games.

    Wolfenstein 2 ending doesn't really leave the door open for a sequel although at an E3 interview they said that they always envisioned it as a trilogy. I guess they can find a way to continue it if they really want it and there is still DLC coming for the game.

    TEW2 ends in a good note too but there are still some answered questions, missing important characters from the first game without knowing their fates and there is an after credits scene too that implies that not everything is over. Unlike Wolfenstein 2, the game doesn't have a season pass or any DLC coming in the near future.

    Unfortunately both games didn't impress in sales, especially TEW2. It's a shame because both are great games but that's the truth. I was wondering how likely it is to see a sequel from both games. Do you think Bethesda is willing to end these two franchise as a trilogy, based on the positive reception and fan's wishes, leaving aside the mediocre sales (as of now at least)? Or it's naive to think like that and Bethesda will make a sequel only when the sales can warrant one?
  2. Shugga


    Hitler has to bite it. Mecha Hitler possibly considering his state in TNC.

    How did TNC sell compared to TNO ?
  3. Omnipotent

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    In wolf2 they set up hitler and the world is still nazi controlled, they just helped incite an american revolution at the end of wolf 2. They still have to topple the whole regime.
  4. ChaosSmurf


    I think it had one of the most sequel bait endings of the year? Other than one bad guy dying, there's still, like, a Nazi regime.
  5. Silky


    Yeah I think they'll be continued if Bethesda's weird ass single player initiative thing continues to march on.

    Wolfenstein is a given because it's an Id Software IP. Worst case scenario is that they add multiplayer to it.

    Evil Within, well, Tango seems to be alright I guess
  6. Pankratous


    Yeah, there will absolutely be a Wolfenstein 3.


    The entire story of Wolfenstein 2 is literally a setup for 3. The game practically felt like filler. Everything that happened shouted from the rooftops that it will have a pay off in the sequel.

    Dude, the game hasn't even been out for two years. Why are you posting spoilers unmarked?
  7. Laplasakos

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    Around less than a half of the first game.
  8. BWoog


    I think it's easy for both games for sure.

    With Evil Within 3, they could just bring back Ruvik and have Stem start bleeding into the real world or something
  9. UnluckyKate


    Still LOTS of work to do in Wolfenstein universe. And they teased so many amazing settings in the first game : the china front, the african front, etc...I want to see a war torned china by the nazis in the retro futurist 60s. That would be some unique scenery.
  10. Laplasakos

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    I don't know... Hitler was on a pathetic state actually. Only if they give him a new body can shake things up. Also, the regime is now in a bad shape with all these hits and seems like a matter of time before American revolution succeeds. At least that's how i interpreted it.

    Yeah TEW3 would be a sure thing but i don't know with these sales...
  11. Izanagi89


    I pray that TEW3 happens and I could see it happen as the ending teaser was open enough for them to continue. TEW2 was so so so so so so GOOOOOOD. One of my favorite games last year.
  12. The Evil Within 3 will happen - planning is already underway.
  13. Diablos

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    Wolf3 is basically guaranteed. Did you see the ending?

    TEW3 seems to be more likely than not.
  14. carlsojo


    Eh I dunno. Neither one really lit up the charts. TEW2 was really not very good either imo, and I couldn't finish Colossus.

    Still Bethesda's been on a weird single player kick lately, so they might push out a third installment for both.

    Really I'm more curious what Arkane's next game is.
  15. Laplasakos

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    Is this your speculation or you know something more? I mean, i am sure that some planning for a sequel was happening too but these things can change pretty fast in our days if the sales doesn't warrant one.
  16. Mikey

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    Wolf 3 will be released, even if the sales weren’t great for 2.

    Now if only they improved the level design, stealth and feedback from being hit...
  17. Gamesgbkiller


    Definitely there will be TEW 3. Perhaps, DLC before that.
  18. newmoneytrash


    Wolf3 is more of a guarantee than TEW3, but unless Bethesda plan on shuttering Tango idk what you do with them that's not a single player game
  19. Bond


    Both games deserve sequels, but I just think it will be a longer gap between announcements. Genuinely believe both games are going will be announced, sometime after Doom 2 will be released (fingers crossed).
  20. I think Wolfenstein is big enough regardless of 2’s sales for them to allow MachineGames to finish their trilogy. I don’t know if I can say the same for The Evil Within, hope I’m wrong though because I love that series.
  21. Laplasakos

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    It's not so much about the ending as much about the sales though (which what this thread is about really). Maybe i should highlight the last paragraph.
  22. Diablos

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    Ah. TEW3 was already confirmed to be in the works, no? I’d be shocked if they weren’t working on Wolf3 as well regardless of sales. It may have underperformed but I don’t think it bombed either.
  23. Sphinx


    I bought TEW2 day one at $59.99 knowing perfectly well the price was going to collapse soon afterwards but I wanted to let Bethesda know the series must live on, you know vote with your wallet and stuff..

    however, as long as the series has this guy John Johanas at the helm, I won't support them day 1 anymore and wait till it's bargain bin fodder.

    He insists on getting rid of the masterful action gameplay developed by mikami and turn everything into a stealth game, I enjoyed TEW2 but seriously fuck that,

    bring Mikami back or bust.
  24. Laplasakos

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    I don't remember but did TEW had a season pass when it launched? Also was it known that there would be DLC episodes with Kidman or it was announced later?

    New IP for next gen?
  25. CloudWolf


    I'm pretty sure Wolfenstein III is a given.
  26. Auctopus


    I think if Tango get another go at survival-horror, they could make one of the best survival-horror games of all time. I thought Evil Within 2 was brilliant.
  27. Laplasakos

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    I understand what you mean. The game most of the time was pushing you to go stealth in order to kill the enemies. Despite that i prefer Johanas direction more. He did an amazing job with the Kidman episodes and TEW2. Both had great pacing, story and atmosphere. I feel that Mikami focused more on the gore with TEW.
  28. Truant


    Evil Within 2 was so good. I think they were onto something cool with the smaller side stories within the larger STEM framework. Have an open world, filled with strange one-off side quests that can all have a smaller linear horror experience.

    The reason this works is that you're constantly seeing something new and fresh, and you never know quite what to expect. You don't get to get too familiar with what's going on, and that makes it scary.
  29. Friend is a developer at Tango - they have crazy work hours like you wouldn't believe. Obviously development may stop/change/become something else but yeah, it's underway.
  30. Boy Wander

    Boy Wander

    In both cases I guess it depends on how they sell when all is said and done.
  31. Dipro


    Wolf2 was like half price a week after release and then went down to 1/3 shortly after.
  32. Laplasakos

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    That's great news then! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  33. Deleted member 5015

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    New Wolfenstein maybe, if they decide what they want to do with the franchise. Either be a narrative driven experience or a shooter, don't mix it up too much as both parts willl suffer from it.

    I don't see a future for TEW to be honest. I know quite a few people like it around here, but the general perception as far as I know was not that good. To me it felt like a mediocre TLOU clone.
  34. Pankratous


    My uncle works at Nintendo and he said evil within 3 is switch exclusive
  35. Laplasakos

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    It's not like i am trying to defend Mr. Snuffleupagus or anything but he probably says the truth because otherwise choosing Tango and TEW to make us believe he is an insider is a pretty weird choice lol.
  36. Noisepurge


    That's the whole idea. In the last game we finally get to win and kill Hitler and the nazi regime is defeated. That only started in TNC where you gather your rebel forces and go public on TV.

    And obviously mechahitler.
  37. Pankratous


    I do actually believe him, I was just joshin' haha.
  38. I do think we'll see these games, but I would definitely not expect Wolfentstein 3 to be single-player only. I expect a Doom-style multiplayer suite for Wolfenstein 3. I'm just praying they don't try to turn the game into some kind of open world thing and keep the microtransactions to the muliplayer.

    The Evil Within 2 did poorly, but unlike Prey, it's not overlapping with other games in Bethesda's portfolio (i.e. Dishonored for the immersive sim aspects, Wolfenstein and Doom for the scifi shooter and FPS aspects). This is their horror series, and Japanese labour laws will not allow them lay off the studio or downsize it, so it's the path of least resistance to keep Tango gameworks in their comfort zone working on The Evil Within. The first game did well so there's at least a possibility they can turn the ship around for 3.
  39. Asgoroth


    I honestly don't care,they are not masterpieces.
  40. Border


    Wolfenstein 3 will be coming, one way or another. The game got a lot of acclaim, and this time they will be smart enough not to release it in the middle of a very busy holiday season.

    The Evil Within 3, I don't see that happening. They were already kinda pressing their luck with TEW2, and sales for that game have not been very good.
  41. Admodieus


    IMO Bethesda needs to move out of the Fall release calendar for all of their titles except Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Wolfenstein and Evil Within 2 were completely overshadowed by Mario Odyssey and Assassin's Creed Origins. A year before, Dishonored 2 experienced a similar effect. I know this didn't do a lot for Prey back in May but I would think that Wolfenstein hitting around August would sell a lot more at launch.
  42. Laplasakos

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    I agree. May didn't worked for Prey but it worked for Doom. Well, Doom also had the positive reception and wom (unlike Prey) but it sure got help from releasing then compared to Fall.
  43. Joeyro


    The last third of TEW2 was incredible, tight pacing with good emotional impact, excellent transitions between Kidman and Sebastien all until a satisfying ending with an actual conclusion.
    What is unfortunate for me is that despite being a borderline generational leap in graphics is that the atmosphere is basically completely gone, everything is to clean and all the horror aspects lose their impact because of that.
    But the biggest offence with TEW2 is the gameplay. The focus on stealth is the biggest offender here, Enemies are twitchy and completely unpredictable, the gunplay feels much less snappy and satisfying, match system being replaced by a boring melee finisher, underwhelming boss fights and the list goes on.

    What is up with sequels in this generation having worse gameplay then its predecessors?
  44. Meia


    TEW2 was one of my favorite games last year, and definitely my favorite TPS in ages. Was so good to play an actual new Silent Hill game again. :p
  45. black070


    The Evil Within 2 deserves a sequel, its one of my games of the year.
  46. Tonypark


    If this is true let them know they did a fantastic job on TEW 1 and 2 and I will be there day 1 again for anything they come up with. The industry makes you work like crazy but keep it up!
  47. cosmickosm


    After being completely disappointed with Wolfenstein II, I'm pretty indifferent towards another one. On the flip side, The Evil Within 2 was one of my favorite games of 2017, I really adored playing through that game. So I'll be really bummed out if we don't see a third one.
  48. IceDoesntHelp

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    As much as I loved The Evil Within 3, I don't see a third one ever being made. I could be wrong, butbdidnt it miss expectations by quite the margin?
  49. Se_7_eN


    The Evil Within 2 is an amazing game... They really need to continue this series.

    Wolfenstein 2 has some of the worst level design I have ever seen... I kinda wish they would return to the dark Wolfenstein days, with mutant Nazis.
  50. Star-Lord


    Awesome! Is this recent you found out evil within 3 is being worked on?