Doctor Who-ERA |OT| It's Almost Time... But Not Yet


Oct 27, 2017
Were they only added to international broadcasts? I don’t remember them being on the UK one.
They were at least on the US broadcast but I didn't realize they were added to the streaming version on Amazon too.

Also, going through the show again with my wife, who's watching it all for the first time, is a good reminder of what a bubble the online Doctor Who community is -- particularly places like Era or GB. She loves all the Ten/Rose stuff, loved the ending with Rose and Metacrisis Ten in Journey's End (conversely, she was utterly destroyed by the ending of Doomsday and was extremely pissed at me about it lol), is fascinated by all the River stuff, was mindblown by the River = Melody reveal, etc. All positions that are basically anathema to the consensus in Doctor Who forums (or as close to consensus as these places can get). I mean, her favorite episode is Fear Her! It's interesting, and nice, to experience the whole show from such a different perspective than what I'm used to.
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