Does a game getting great reviews make you feel guilty about disliking it?

Oct 27, 2017
Hell no, i usualy don't even try most of these game or i drop them 10 hours in, because i aleady know they will never excel in any categories other then graphic (and of course there are exception ! )
Games are perceived very differently by their audience than say, books or movies. A teen romance movie that gets great reviews might be one of the most effective, technically great films of the year, but I'm not watching it. Not for me.

Games however are perceived differently by the gaming audience. Any kind of game with any kind of theme that gets great reviews and is perceived as GOTY material must be played by everyone, regardless of the theme, setting, tone, etc. because it's a great game and what's wrong with you if you don't like such a great game, it's GOTY material!
This. More people need to understand that something being good, and something resonating with a specific individual, are totally different things and it shouldn't even be surprising when it doesn't line up.
Oct 27, 2017
A waste of energy. I don't like many a popular game. There is no reason to feel guilty about it. Case in point as well: Spider-Man. Game is fun for a while, then it turns into poopy butt. I don't like it. End of.
Oct 25, 2017

I still feel bad that I bounced off of Red Dead 2 -- RDR1 is one of the most memorable games I've ever played and I had high expectations for 2. It's actually not even that my high expectations weren't met, I just realized that my frame of preferences in videogames right now doesn't mesh well with RDR2's design and structure at all right now. I've just been assuring myself that someday it'll just click for me, though -- who knows if that'll actually be the case.

That said, I'm still glad for everyone that enjoys the game and I take it to heart that it's something people really cherish. I don't feel any need to slam the game since I bounced off of it, though I do try to make the point that it certainly didn't do much for me on my many attempts to get into it since its launch.

Outside of cases like that, I am finding that I have enough to play that lines up well with my current preferences that I'm never short of something to play, so I'm not guilty about it since it doesn't ever feel like people are off having a great time while I'm struggling to get into something. I've got plenty to play that's up my current alley, so I usually just don't even think about the games that review well or have good word of mouth that I can't get into.
Not reviews, but when people start treating you differently because of it, both online and offline it can, especially if they treat you as "just a hater", like an idiot, an enemy marine in their fan war, humoring you because "You'll change their your mind later" or imply/make it clear they don't you're as sophisticated as them. That's when it gets bothersome for me or make me feel miserable, especially if it happens over and over or are going after their way to target you.
Oct 27, 2017
Not at all, but it does make me curious about why everyone else liked it so much. Usually, it has to do with the type of game it is and whether it's a genre I enjoy in the first place.
Oct 25, 2017
A lot of the negative feelings in video game discussion seem to come from the inability of people to move beyond 'this is the best thing EVER!' or 'this is TRASH!'

You see a lot of arguments that boil down to neither person discussing their experiences with a game and its design and systems and more discussing how much they love or hate it.