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Does anyone else get a thrill from seeing the red warning/ban highlight?

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Nov 4, 2017
That recent thread over in the gaming section about GamerGate got me thinking about this. I get an absolute thrill when I see the red in someone's post indicating a warning or a ban. In that GamerGate thread, there are multiple bans on the first page alone. Scroll through the entire thread and you'll see many more bans, including some permanent ones.

I'll frequently click on threads about sensitive subjects such as politics, religion, and debates on current events and then scroll through them just to find another warning/ban. Once I find one, I'll read the reason for the warning/ban and then read the post to see what was so incendiary that it warranted moderation.

I myself have been warned and banned and deservedly so. I received a three day ban. When I came back, I looked proudly upon the red ban notification over my post, once again reading the reason listed as well.

What say you, ResetEra? I can't be the only one who does this.
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