Does anyone else have issues with their "stuff" dipping in the toilet?

Discussion in 'EtcetEra' started by Vex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Vex

    Vex Member Original Poster

    People always ask me why I don't use public restrooms -- and this is why.

    My "stuff" has a habit of dipping down and touching the bottom of the bowl. My friends make fun of me for holding my dump all day until I go home. I just don't like the thought of my "stuff" picking up bacteria left over from someone else using the toilet.

    Anyone else have this issue? What are some strategies for making sure this doesn't happen? I really want to use public restrooms.
  2. Akira

    Akira Member

    It's annoying.
  3. Earendil

    Earendil Self-Requested Ban Member

    Stealth bragging thread...
  4. Bronx-Man

    Bronx-Man Member

    My dick’s too goddamn long for public toliets.
  5. Compsiox

    Compsiox Member

    When my penis presses against the inner front of the toilet I die on the inside. It's too much.
  6. Strangelove77

    Strangelove77 Member

    Your stuff? Like your balls?
    You got some long balls.
  7. Heckler456

    Heckler456 Member

    Is that not a thing with most people? I'm wondering what the point of the thread is though, apart from commiserating with one another.
  8. louplouptaco

    louplouptaco Member

    Put a brick on the reservoir to reduce the amount of water in the bowl.
  9. Intraxidance

    Intraxidance Member

    Yea, it's a big problem for me. I also trip over it sometimes while I'm walking so I need to wrap it around my leg.
  10. Akira

    Akira Member

    I shouldn't be laughing this hard at this post but I am
  11. CellarDoor

    CellarDoor Banned Member

    The bottom of the bowl?!? Surely you mean the top??

    My word! That's something right there.
  12. HardRojo

    HardRojo Member

    I'm pretty sure this is an issue every male resettler is familiar with.
  13. Compsiox

    Compsiox Member

    Also try putting down the heat. Your balls get droopier as they get warmer.
  14. adj_noun

    adj_noun Member

    I use the over the shoulder method myself.
  15. gnomed

    gnomed Member

    You’re username shouldn’t be vex it should be hexed.
  16. Salamande

    Salamande Member

    "And it's deep too!"
  17. Taurus Silver

    Taurus Silver Member

    Mine is too small to worry about it.
  18. litebrite

    litebrite Member

    It's precisely why I don't have sex.

    My "stuff" has a habit of entering the vagina and coming out of her mouth. My friends make fun of me for being able to tickle the tonsils of my female partners through sex. I just don't like the thought my "stuff' picking up bacteria through her intestines.
  19. chrisPjelly

    chrisPjelly Member

    Did our dongs and saccs lengthen in the migration to Era or...
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    Ah, so the average here is also 12".

    Some things will never change.
  21. pizzaparty

    pizzaparty Member

    Is this about penises or testicles. I can't tell.
  22. nasirum

    nasirum Member

    I immediately thought that you meant your balls touch the water... is that what you meant OP? Because nooooo. No, no they don't. That seems really, uh, long.
  23. Akira

    Akira Member

    Oh shit you too? Please tell me how you deal with this besides avoiding sex, my girlfriend gets annoyed at me about it so I need to figure something out.
  24. adj_noun

    adj_noun Member

    It's well known that our dongs hang low and they wobble to and fro.

    We can tie them in a knot or we can tie them in a bow.

    We can throw 'em over our shoulder like a continental soldier.

    Our dongs hang low.
  25. Brock Reiher

    Brock Reiher Member

    OP has really big gauges
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    i also hate it when mine gets in the water and gets stuck in the drain.....OP you gotta be more subtle with your stealth brag threads jeeeeeeez
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    I love no matter what forum topics like this show up. Thanks for the good laugh everyone.
  29. Jbourne

    Jbourne Member

    I sit on the tank so there's enough room for my monster dong to hang down and not be overly submerged in the water.
  30. nasirum

    nasirum Member

    Don't you guys hate when you flush your dick straight down the toilet and have to pull it all the way back out?
  31. LionPride

    LionPride Banned Member

    Just say dick and balls, damn
  32. Deimos

    Deimos Member

    I understood that reference.
  33. Akira86

    Akira86 Member

    why don't you just dangle it over the side like everyone else?
  34. Twiz

    Twiz Member

    That's impressive.
  35. Macheezmo

    Macheezmo Member

    No no, 16". Only the biggest members made the migration.
  36. MasterChumly

    MasterChumly Member


    I mean why the hell are you pointing your dong straight down. Your not trying to lure any fish in there
  37. Futureman

    Futureman Member

    the bottom of the bowl? that doesn't even make sense. Unless you have a 14" flaccid wiener.
  38. Aurelio

    Aurelio Member

    I hate getting shit on my dick too OP
  39. Finale Fireworker

    Finale Fireworker Compassion is manifold. Moderator

    I am actually the size of a garden-variety gnome. I climb into the whole toilet feet-first when I use it. I have to be careful when I flush or it will spin me around like a carousel. Every time I use the toilet is like Odysseus being tossed about by Charybdis. I need to carry a towel with me but to you it would be the size of a face cloth.

    I wish I wasn’t so small but then I would have your problems.
  40. Saganator

    Saganator Member

    If the water line is high and it's not cold, then yes my balls have wet their feet in the toilet water a few times.
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  42. base_two

    base_two Member

    Yes, this happens to me at one toilet at work and it's annoying.

    Tip: A slight thigh tuck goes a long way.
  43. Lateralus

    Lateralus Banned Member

    Hallway bathroom, I'm fine.

    Bedroom bathroom..its a shallow bowl I guess. Kinda hit the porcelain slope.

    No brag, basic as average joe... 7 x 5.5, so prob a 5'er when hes just 'hanging' lol
  44. Dennis8K

    Dennis8K Member

    It is a common problems for Europeans that come to the US.

    The water level is too damn high!
  45. Z-Beat

    Z-Beat Member

    It happened once and I got really paranoid that I'd catch every STD in the world
  46. OutofMana

    OutofMana Member


    Problem solved OP.
  47. OgTheEnigma

    OgTheEnigma Member

    I think this thread is to do with American toilets having strangely high water levels. Unless the OP has a 30cm penis.
  48. hippopotamus

    hippopotamus Member

    Yeah I have a huge penis too. Only two people have the key to my chastity belt: my father and the mayor.
  49. adj_noun

    adj_noun Member

    Found a decent writing prompt.
  50. rucury

    rucury Member

    Some of these posts got my crying... OP I know you made the thread for the laughs and so I thank you