1. GameShrink


    Actual Republican defense every time this is brought up: "But that's different, they're our people and they're supposed to be here!"
  2. gutter_trash


    Pretty much this

    And awkwardly worded
  3. Canklestank


    Dang, I got him confused with Jack Lemmon and was thinking old white comedians have been spitting fire lately.

    He's still right, though.
  4. CrusoeCMYK


    The thread on this over at the old forum is exactly what I expected.
  5. Surfinn


    I took a peek and there's a thread titled "Mueller accused of sexual harassment"
  6. Rudolph


    This is deflecting the issue. If minorities are labeled terrorists then white men should also have the same label for committing more acts of terror and in a higher volume than the minorities that are seen as terrorists. Unless white people get a pass because they are white... then you might be a racist.

    Let me give an example. A white man sees a middle eastern man and sees a terrorist even though a small % of them are actually terrorists. Since this is the case a white man should also see the white man as a terrorists even though only a small % of them are actually terrorists. Furthermore since white people are the majority there is just a higher number of actual terrorists.

    Also, you can't ignore the KKK and people that shoot up churches and if you don't think the KKK and hate groups are actively committing acts that are not reported you should wake the fuck up.
  7. JK-Money


    deflection, when a white person does it they are mentally unstable but when a minority does it they are either a terrorist, gang member or as trump refers bad people. To many double standards for white people to be honest.
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  9. Crayon


    Had to be said. When I heard the clip, I was so excited I was yelling Howard Dean style.

  10. Wolven Hammer

    Wolven Hammer

    First page alone will do it. Not gonna point out individual people.


    One of several but this is all I will be bothered with seeing as you're one of those people who focus in on the most questionable part of a post and ignore the bulk of the rest, especially when it's more valid. (An annoyingly common trend in this forum.)
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  12. Vish


    Actually the defense is "what about black in black crime, Don lemon is racist!". It's an all you can eat buffet at the old place.
  13. tropoFarmer

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    • User Banned (2 weeks): Inflammatory false equivalencies surrounding race, Junior phase account
    Reverse Don Lemon: "Black men are biggest murderer threat to US."

    Is this OK to say?
  14. Samara


    You ok?
  15. Steel


    You're missing the point. Context is that we're banning muslims and brownies from south of the border for how "dangerous" they are, when the people inside the border from the start are more dangerous. His point is that the groups demonizing the dirty migrants are more likely to commit the crimes they're demonizing others for, so they shouldn't demonize anyone.
  16. tropoFarmer

    Banned Member

    Two wrongs don't make a right?
  17. Steel


    How about actually reading. That's the point. Literally two wrongs don't make a right is the point being made by this statement.
  18. Samara


    Don't reverse. Let's press play.

    Reverse Don Lemon: "Black men are biggest rape threat to US."

    Is this OK to say?

    Rape now to murder?
  19. Lundren


    Why phrase your posts as questions if you are going to ignore the answers?
  20. RedMercury


    So because people recognize their privilege or want minorities to have a more prominent voice they are "self-loathing"? That's not how it works.

    Oh, and I'm one of those people lol, okay
  21. Steel


    Probably because they looked into the statistics and found out that white men are responsible for more rapes then black men. Of course this is also true for murder. All the while, blacks are the victim, in number not even by percentage, more often than any other group. But being factually correct is not what that poster was interested in being.
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    No lies detected.
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    Powdered Egg

    100 posts, no avatar,.... Ignore this bot.
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    Year old account only 100 posts.

    Can't you guys not make it so easy?
  25. I mean the kkk and white supremacy groups are allowed to exist.
  26. Powdered Egg

    Powdered Egg

    Lmao at Malcolm X posting here.
  27. demondance


    they aren't though

    biggest murder threat is some white dude killing his wife or girlfriend
  28. Haha...obviously. You know what I mean though.
  29. Wolven Hammer

    Wolven Hammer

    Weak spin.

    When someone condemns (justified or not) their own demographic and they include words like "us" or "we", that's self loathing.

    That's exactly how it works.

    The reasons why are a separate discussion. You tried to call me out for examples (twice, lol) and I delivered.

  30. Ramjag


    That’s some pseudo-psychology.
  31. RedMercury


    So recognizing facts is self-loathing? Who would be so attached to their "demographic" that they have some idea where they have to defend or ignore criticisms just because they are part of said demographic?

    You didn't even give examples, you just linked to a thread lol. Be specific, if you want to get into the weeds on this I'm happy to but don't be vague. If you're speaking for someone else, and least let them know you are speaking for them, I'm sure the people who you say are "self-loathing" would love to hear that for themselves.

    And shit, we can get right to the point on this. I believe you're probably one of those dudes who will look at white people being criticized by other white people, or men criticized by other men, and take some issue with it like we're somehow "betraying" something, as if we can't be critical of groups we belong to without it being "self-loathing".

    Like if I say "We as white men are responsible for the racist state of our country", I'm self-loathing now? Get real. I could give a shit about the color of my skin, the truth is the truth and I don't need to dance around that to in order to not feel guilty or have blinders on.
  32. Wolven Hammer

    Wolven Hammer

    Full disclosure, bro: I'm a U.S born hispanic straight male. I support members of any demographic criticising itself for improvement.

    Were about to finish going around in a circle. Ready?

    I said Don Lemon's statement needed to be more focused (white nationalists). I brought up the "self loathing white dudes who post here" (who are most certainly left leaning) to point out as an example that they are not a threat to human lives. Though the statement sweeps them in anyway.

    Just caught your edit. Dude, people here normally say "us white people" "we're" etc.

    "we as white men.." is something I haven't seen here, and doesn't count as self loathing (to me at least). It's a recognition of one's own demographic's past actions. I have nothing against that. What gave you that impression?

    Clever addition of a word though. The "as" makes a huge difference.
  33. RedMercury


    But you said you gave examples and you didn't.
    You're saying there's a substantial difference between the statements "We as white men" and "Us white men", and that the latter is self-loathing while the former is not?
  34. Wolven Hammer

    Wolven Hammer

    Am I being trolled?

    Yes, I said so right there. Come on.

    And on the "examples":

    I never said that, you know this, but I did you one better. Gave you a whole thread filled with them. I elaborated on why:

    You keep pressing, but you have the answer already.

    But hey, lets give this another go and stick to the actual topic of the thread. I refined this a bit so we don't get distracted.

    Anyway, I'm getting off this merry go round.

    You want to stay on the thread's topic, then I'm in.

    You want to talk about irrelevant shit, cool, PM's then.
  35. RedMercury


    Nope, and that is not an argument.
    "Can I have some examples?"

    "Here is a thread full of them!"

    "Okay, which ones are we talking about specifically so we can review the merit of your argument and get those users involved since you are talking about them?"

    "I'm not going to tell you"
    "I am just going to ascribe something to individuals and not inform them or give them a chance for a rebuttal for reasons"
    Nah I'm good, unless you want to PM me the users who you are calling "self-loathing" in that thread so I can let them know what you said about them and see if they agree with your assessment rather than talking behind their backs. I'd much rather have this out in the open for everyone to see.
    Yep. Next time if you're gonna talk about users behind their backs and call them "self-loathing", come with some receipts.

  36. Wolven Hammer

    Wolven Hammer

    Try sticking to the actual topic instead, champ.
  37. Eatin' Olives

    Eatin' Olives

    It's really hard to believe this is the same Don Lemon, the "the smell of pot is in the air" during BLM protests Don Lemon. Guess when you have a literal white supremacist in the presidency you're gonna wake up.
  38. Try making an actual salient point, champ.
  39. Dereck


  40. Mona


    Jack Lemmon died 17 years ago
  41. Wolven Hammer

    Wolven Hammer

    I did, but I guess it's easier to not address it.