1. BreezyLimbo


    What? In this case I think its hoping that Valve will act and punish these racists in their own games. Valve isnt going to get hurt out of review bombing.

    Its frustrating that Valve hasnt done anything and seemingly has the same hands off approach to moderation as they do to their store.
  2. Dreams-Visions

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    And fuck Tobi.
  3. shira

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    VG is playing TNC tonite

  4. shira

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  5. Chairmanchuck



  6. Ok? What's your useful suggestion in lieu of that?

    Some of the responses in this thread remind me of why I barely read this forum any more... Most have thankfully been banned but being exposed to these racist apologist posters in the first place is fucking exhausting.
  7. Valdega

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    And this is why review bombing is stupid. What does this have to do with Valve or the game itself? DreamLeague hosted the tournament and comPlexity Gaming hired the kid making the offensive statements. It's their responsibility to manage the conduct of the people they work with.

    To put it in perspective, this is like someone hitting someone's car and the other person review bombing the Toyota Camry 2018 because that's what the guilty driver was driving.
  8. The game is and always has been mostly about its community. That's literally how it came to exist in the first place. So much god damn ignorance.

    Also still can't believe how TobiWan even exists in this scene any more. That's kind of where I checked out of giving a shit about Dota events personally.
  9. Chaos2Frozen


    Looking at this thread, racism against Chinese (Asians In general) is so accepted that some people don’t even think fucking “Ching Chong” is racist.
  10. Valdega

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    Valve made the game. That's it. They are not responsible for the behavior of its players, especially in a situation like this. Tournament organizers and eSports leagues are supposed to moderate their employees/participants.

    The point of a game review to is to review the game, not complain about the lack of moderation in eSports leagues and tournaments that have nothing to do with Valve.
  11. ShortNasty


    Take heart in the fact that people are getting actioned fairly quickly. I’m sort of baffled by that as well. Like, that shit is only used to belittle people. Chappelle has a skit about that over 10 years ago where he was explicitly playing a racist and using that as slur. Well, he said “Ching Chang Chong”, but thats a minimal fucking difference.
  12. Chaos2Frozen


    The one that got me was “It’s insensitive but not racist”.

    Well why do you think it’s insensitive in the first place?! /facepalm
  13. Sandersson


    Haha, gotta say I love the astronaut suit. Good for him though.
  14. Green Mario

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    Jesus Christ, all the bans in this thread just go to show how this shit is allowed to fly in Dota.
  15. Quote


    if you don’t think “ching chong” is racist, well then uh, sorry to tell you, you’re racist.

  16. I mean, if you didn't think it was racist, but then on the other hand you think it's derogatory and an insult, then what the hell do you think it is to be that in the first place?
  17. Magicpork


    It's a tournament in Dota Pro Circuit, one of the 10 tournaments in the 2018-2019 flagship professional league, and certainly sponsored and overseen by Valve

    With Valve deadly silent on the issue, I can understand review bombing was perceived as the only mean to raise the attention.
  18. Bufbaf


    How on earth would "Ching Chong" be an derogatory AND insulting phrase, if not for it's blatant racism? Would you be mad if I'd call you "Chong" as an insult? Can someone please enlighten me how the phrase can be seen as derogatory or insulting in a way that's not inherently racist?

    Of course it's racist, how is this even a discussion.
  19. Haha, what? No they didn't. The community made Dota. Literally.
  20. potatohead


    Reviews bombs will not affect dota 2

    It's an f2p game if people want to play it they will

    I also would support more pushback by publishers against overtly racist players professional or not

    Online media forums games social media etc are too much shelter for fucking assholes these days
  21. wandering


    Eh, I don’t think comparing slurs is a good idea. It’s definitively racist, but it has a different history to it.
  22. Zexion


    Yeah, I don't see how valve's inaction is at fault here. Are they in charge of that league & directly oversee it? For example Riot has final say on all their main Pro League stuff & has banned players for it before, but I don't know if that's the same for valve.

    Though the player should get banned from ever playing again IMO, professional games are not the place to ever say something like that (not that I'm saying it's alright in some situations).
  23. neilyadig


    Reviewing bombing won't affect Dota 2, it has a huge playerbase already - that's not the issue.

    It looks like review bombing IS effective. We have people talking about it on ResetEra now, whereas I hadn't heard about this before.

    The issue lies in the fact that because review bombing gets lots of people's attention, of course people are going to use it as a method to be heard.
  24. snowhite


    Racism can seem like a non-issue that people "make a big deal of" if you've grown up without being the constant target of it.
    The only way to change that is effective education to communicate that racism causes real damage, even if it's just "words".

    That being said, considering the age of the person involved and that it's their first offence, I think the decision taken by complexity gaming is adequate. I have no idea what people expect Valve to do in this situation.

    Maybe Valve could draft a Code of Conduct for pro players at LANs?
  25. -Amon-


    Being Italian every time i go online i'm exposed to shit like that. I simply ignore it, the guy's the fool, not me.

    Probably we're less sensitive than Chinese people to that kind of behaviour.
  26. Mirabai

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    • User Banned (1 Month): Racist Trolling; Junior phase account
    So if you dont agree with the OP you get banned for "Downplaying racism". Great mods....really
  27. but it is. the phrase ching chong is racist and derogatory.
  28. Chairmanchuck


    In what world is "Ching Chang Chong" not racist???
  29. Mirabai

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    i would love to answer that - but ill get banned if i do it, so i cant - sorry
  30. razakin


    Please do answer, as I would like to hear that mystical place where shit like that isn't racist, so I could mark it up and never visit it.

    And Valve (+other eSport companies) and teams really should start dropping some fines/penalties for players saying racist shit, same for casters.
  31. Nick C

    Nick C

    You're gonna get banned if you keep posting like this anyway. Your only chance of not getting banned is by backing up your statements.

    Probably doesn't matter either way. This is more than likely an alt.
  32. Flutter


    Aye. Back when I played Dota everyone used chingchong when there was Chinese kanjii, even my friends who were Chinese. Interesting enough that was soft racism compared to other stuff that goes on in all chat.

    Always glad I took the high road and insulted their mothers and sisters instead.

    Seriously though it's one of the main reasons why I stop playing. At one point you just gotta ask yourself that is it really good to play with this sort of community when you're already in your late twenties.

    Still love watching competitive Dota from time to time though.
  33. GusZamboni


    this is person is a total scum
  34. Mikebison


    It's not like Dota needs good reviews at this point anyway. It's played by like a trillion people.
  35. noyram23


    As someone for the Philippines, yeah a lot of people here are racist, mainly due to lack of awareness and ignorance. I see a lot blacks and chinese here being openly bullied due to race. There should be a nationwide awareness push from the goverment.
    You'll get banned because you're downplaying racism.
    Yup that qoute is fucked up, they don' t even know what being racist mean.
  36. Bhonar


    I mean filipinos are asians themselves. Do some of you not subscribe to the principle that it does not carry the same weight when you're talking about your same race?

    To me it's not the same level of effect as if it came from a white person or black person.

    I certainly don't put it at the same exact level as a white person calling a black person the n-word (-er version).

    If it matters, I'm 100% racially chinese myself (born and raised in america though). If another asian called me that, I would straight up laugh and talk shit right back
  37. Chaos2Frozen


    Filipino and Chinese don’t see themselves as one and the same just because they’re both labeled “Asian”.

    I’m 100% ethnically Chinese, born and raised in an Asian country, and I’m saying that’s 100% racist and having a Filipino say it doesn’t make it any less racist, in fact it probably makes it more fucked up.
  38. saci

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    Earlier today BurNIng published a statement he received from Valve to his followers on Chinese social media in regards to the recent incident that occurred during the DreamLeague Minor.
  39. Kuosi


    This has been a stupid meme on dota2 reddit for years, as long as you aren't racist against black people everything else is fine, no punishment what so ever. It's ridiculous how long it has been like this with no sign of change.
  40. Kuosi


  41. Yarbskoo


    May as well go all the way and ban public protests altogether.
  42. TrueBroLapp


    Review bombing is a pretty good way to let users and developers know that there is something currently going wrong with the game.
    Steam show both "Recent Reviews", which will be the ones affected, and "All Reviews", which will be mostly unaffected by the review bombing.
    For Dota 2, "Recent Reviews" are mixed, at 49% positive, and "All Reviews" are very positive with 86% positive. Any new player can see this data and realize that this is a great game, going through some problems lately.
    Then they can read new reviews to see if they agree with the review bombing issue, or they can ignore the new reviews and read only the older ones.

    This review bombing isn't a Dota problem in particular, but it's still important, new Chinese players may see the problem and choose not to support Valve for their lack of action.
  43. Htown


    I think my favorite part of this thread is all the posters that seem more offended by the review bombing than the racism.
  44. Zafir


    I mean I don't really think it should go unchecked in pubs either.

    That's probably half the reason chat in Dota 2 is so god damn awful. People see their favourite streamers doing it all the time and it's positive feedback for them doing it themselves. You report that shit in game and they basically get a slap on the wrist, having to play in a special queue for x matches if they get reported enough. I should not have to mute chat in a good amount of my Dota 2 games because people have the mentality of a 12 year old. There should have been a big crackdown on this rubbish a long time ago.
  45. OrdinaryPrime


    They have more empathy for Valve than people affected by racism. It's pathetic.
  46. Fat4all

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    why isn’t this a permanent ban, it’s clearly a troll account
  47. Principate


    It's absurd since when did review bombing become such a heinous crime.

    Oh no! Customers are airing the displeasement of a developers practices and are giving negative reviews as a consequence how terrible. Whereas the thing people are actually concerned about the racism is given absolutely zero productive solutions but don't you dare give a negative review "It's not the way".
  48. inner-G


    Shouldn’t Chinese players be on like a separate Internet or something since they have their national internet usage restrictions and everything?

    Or are these Chinese-American accounts?
  49. U2NUMB


    All of you who are saying review bombing does nothing are missing the point. This is the only way that community feels they can be heard.. they are doing what they can and here we are talking about it so .. its working. I doubt Value will do much as they are who they are but many MANY more people heard about this thanks to the reviews being bombed.

    I hope it leads to something but I have little faith in Valve.